Heartbroken Man Giving Away Free Diamond Ring after Getting Dumped


Steven Crocker had the perfect proposal planned for his girlfriend. He knew she loved Harry Potter, and hoped to ask her to marry him at Harry Potter World.

“She’s a big Harry Potter fan, so I had this big thing all planned at Universal Studios,” he said. “All paid for and everything.”

But Steven would never get to see that day, because his girlfriend broke up with him just a month before.

He had already bought the $1,700 ring, and looking at it after that day only made his heart break more.

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Over the holidays, Steven’s mother took the ring and kept it at her house to spare him some pain.

“She knew it would be too hard on me to look at it,” he said of his mother.

But recently, Steven got the ring back from her, and at first, he thought he might try to sell it.

“I tried to sell it, but they offered a very disappointing value that I didn’t want to take because it’s not about the money,” he said. “For me it’s about love.”

So after plenty of “sad music and lots of crying,” he decided what to do with the ring — he would give it away for free.

But Steven didn’t want to give it to just anyone. He hoped to find a couple who couldn’t afford a ring but wanted to get married.

Now he’s asking for couples to email him a short video telling him their love story. With these videos, he hopes to find a couple that truly deserves the ring.

“Giving it to a couple that will appreciate it, I figure it’s going to make me feel a lot better,” he said.

Steven’s story has quickly begun to circulate the internet and the videos have started pouring in.

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But in addition to stories, Steven has received plenty of well wishes, kind messages, and even dating opportunities.

“One lady messaged me and wanted to introduce me to her daughter,” he explained.

“There have been so many nice comments that have made me feel a lot better already. I took this hard, real hard … probably harder than I should have.”

Steven hopes that his ring will help another couple to be happy for as long as they live.

“It’s not the fanciest ring in the world, but it can potentially make someone very happy for the rest of their life,” he said.

And although he was heartbroken when they broke up, Steven has no hard feelings toward his ex-girlfriend.

“She is a phenomenal person and doesn’t deserve anything bad to be said about her,” he wrote on Facebook. “Life happens. It’s okay. This gesture is bigger than her or me.”

“This is more about hope than loss. Seeing the stories will give me hope again.”

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