'We Are Helpless': Biden Ignores Disabled Man Begging Admin to Get His Wife, Kids Out of Afghanistan


Biden’s promises to get Americans out of Afghanistan are proving to be empty lies. Now, a disabled American citizen from Liberty, Kentucky, is finding this out the hard way.

“Any American who wants to come home, we will get you home,” Biden said back in August, according to NPR.

Abdul Samad and his family are desperately wanting to come home, but they can’t. They are in extreme danger, but due to the incompetence that led the American withdrawal, the Samad family is having to hide and beg the American government to bring them home.

Samad is originally from Afghanistan, but after losing his hands and left eye in a landmine explosion when he was a teenager, he came to the United States. The founders of Galilean Children’s Home took Samad in, and he became a citizen, building a life in Kentucky.

In August, however, Samad, along with his wife, four children, and mother-in-law, went back to Afghanistan to visit a sick relative. Then devastation struck when the American troops suddenly withdrew and left Samad behind. Samad’s wife and children are also American citizens, and his mother-in-law has a green card.

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“I’m really confused because I don’t know what to do because the airport is closed and the border with Pakistan is closed. So I don’t know how to get out,” Samad told Lex18 News.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Samad has heard from the American embassy. He has twice filled out the re-repatriation request form they asked for, but still has no way out. He has kept his family on the move continually, and they are afraid to sleep in the same place.

“I’ve been moving with family members from place to place to stay with them, so people will not notice we are from the United States,” Samad said.

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The government has miserably failed their own citizens and has put them in harm’s way.

“We are in a very helpless situation because we cannot really say much and we cannot do much unless we found a way that we can really get out safely,” Samad said.

Sadly, Samad’s story of helplessness is just one more piece of incriminating evidence against Biden’s absolute failure in Afghanistan.

Thanks to Biden’s hasty decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Samad is now having to hide from the Taliban. Just about two months ago he and his family were peacefully living in Kentucky; now, they are suffering for Biden’s foolishness. It is the height of injustice, and Biden is to blame.

Biden’s ample lip-service to the idea of American safety has done nothing.

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“The United States stands by its commitment that we’ve made to these people,” Biden said, according to NPR.

Then why is Samad stranded?

When people were hanging from plane wings and nearly killing each other to get on the leaving American planes, Biden acted like it was just business as usual.

“There’s no way we would have been able to leave Afghanistan without there being some of what you’re seeing now,” he said, CNBC reported.

Of course withdrawals are messy. But that doesn’t mean it’s simply fine to ignore the pleas of citizens that are trapped. Biden made promises.

But now Samad is hiding helplessly, and his pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Biden should be utterly appalled and sick that he has done this to Samad — and so many other American citizens.

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