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Helpless Dog Rescued from Drain Reportedly Abandoned with Multiple Bullets Embedded in Skin


When rescuers discovered a dog in a sewer drain in Pohang, South Korea, no one could figure out how or why it wound up there.

Cowering in a narrow drain pipe, the hound seemed to be in a state of shock. Kritter Klub posted a video revealing how difficult it was for rescuers to coax the dog out.

Even when offered a bowl of kibble, the dog remained hidden. The dog wore a collar, meaning that it once had an owner, however, he or she was nowhere to be found.

The rescuers received a clue when they spoke to a man working on a construction site nearby.

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“There were hunters. And the dog came down from the mountain in the afternoon,” the man can be heard telling the rescuers in the video.

It seemed that the dog had belonged to a hunter. Rescuers began to wonder if the dog had gotten lost on a hunting trip or, more tragically, abandoned.

Rescuers were eventually able to enter the sewer via a manhole and push the dog out of the pipe from behind. It was limping and appeared to be in considerable pain.

After slowly building the dog’s trust, the team was able to lift the pooch out of the drain and take it to the vet. While there, they received some harrowing news.

The dog was suffering from gunshot wounds. An x-ray revealed that multiple bullets were embedded all over the poor dog’s body.

“The spread of a shotgun allows it to be used in wide, open spaces,” the vet said. “So we suspect that the shells all over the body are from a shotgun.”

Vets quickly went to work removing the bullet shells from the dog’s skin. The fragments were successfully removed, and the dog was finally given the opportunity to recover from the tragedy.

Pohang police confirmed that they’d received no missing dog reports matching the dog’s description. Rescuers realized that after the dog was shot, it was likely abandoned.

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“If you go to a reed field, they shoot water deer,” a Pohang gun dealer told Kritter Klub. “If a dog tags along, they could inadvertently get shot.”

According to the vet, this isn’t the first dog that has been abandoned on a hunting trip.

“There are more than a few hunting dogs left in the mountains. Even the dogs that they raised . . . When they can’t deal any longer, they turn their backs on them,” the vet explained.

The hunter responsible for the neglect may never be found. However, the dog’s story will likely have a happy ending.

“The dog can recover quickly with adequate care,” the vet said.

Although the dog’s story is gruesome, its darkest days are behind it. Thanks to the rescuers’ diligence and compassion, the dog will no longer be forced to suffer in silence.

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