Herman Cain: Leftist Group Calling Itself 'Free Press' Wants To Investigate the Free Press


I guess you can call your group whatever you want.

If you’re a street-fighting gang, you can name yourselves the Pacifists. It’s your group! Go nuts.

So why not call yourselves Free Press when your agenda is to stifle free speech and prevent the press from giving information to the public? It’s no weirder than the 7-foot-8 guy on the Harlem Globetrotters who’s known as Tiny.

But it’s much less entertaining.

Free Press is a far-left group that’s petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to “investigate” the media televising President Trump’s daily news briefings on the coronavirus.

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That’s pretty funny because much of the mainstream media are already complaining about having to televise them, since they’re showing the president on top of the situation and driving his approval ratings up.

Maybe they’d like the FCC to force them to stop. But they’re out of luck. The FCC doesn’t suspend the First Amendment because some group doesn’t like what the president is saying.

But Free Press’ argument was certainly creative. They wanted the FCC to investigate broadcasts of the briefings because the president’s touting of hydroxychloroquine – which the media remind us endlessly is “unproven” against COVID-19 – amounts to “dangerous misinformation.”

As evidence, they cited a guy in Arizona who drank fish tank cleaner in the belief it contained hydroxychloroquine and might protect him from the coronavirus. He died, which is terribly sad but not a reason to prevent the entire nation from getting updates on the fight against the pandemic.

Do you think the media is purposefully misrepresenting President Trump's handling of the coronavirus?

The next time President Trump tells the nation “drink fish tank cleaner and live,” maybe that should be censored.

This incident is entertaining because it’s so absurd, but when you step back from it, you’ll notice it’s part of a disturbing pattern we see from the political left.

They want to censor news broadcasts of things and people they don’t like. They want to pressure social media platforms not to accept political advertising. They want to employ liberal “fact-checkers” to accompany all information offered by conservatives.

The justification for these ideas is always that the public will do something foolish or rash if they hear the information the would-be censors don’t like. They’ll drink fish tank cleaner. They’ll commit racist hate crimes. They’ll vote for Trump.

You can’t be trusted with the information you might hear, so we need censors to make sure you only hear things that will prompt you to do what left-wing activists want you to do. And this will be pushed by a group that calls itself Free Press.

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I honestly have no idea why Free Press feels the need to exist. The actual free press is already pushing every anti-Trump narrative imaginable, even to the point where it’s attacking a medicine just because President Trump approves of it.

True, they’re still televising the briefings, but they proceed to trash them as soon as they’re over.

It’s a good thing the FCC still stands for actual freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Here at Cain HQ, we trust the American people to make wise judgments with the information they’re presented. No need for censorship.

The same can’t be said for the speech-muzzling left, which will just keep trying to find new ways to prevent you from getting information.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.