Hero Police Officer Saves Woman's Life on Blind Curve When Truck Comes Barreling at Them


There are hundreds of things that can go wrong in our daily lives. Most of the time we go about our days without thinking about all of the horrible possibilities, but every once in a while something makes you stop in your tracks and realize how fortunate you are to be alive.

Meghan Herrera is now very aware of how different her life could have been if it hadn’t been for an attentive policeman by the name of Officer Brandon Blair.

Herrera was driving in Anna, Texas, on Sept. 7 when she lost control of her car. Her car went off the road and struck a tree.

It had been raining, and she went off the road right at a turn. Based on the video, it’s easy to see why she skidded onto the shoulder.

That was her first potentially dangerous encounter of the day, but the day was far from over.

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Anna Police Department’s Officer Blair showed up to help Herrera out. Neither of them knew how crucial his assistance was about to be, even as a pickup truck came around the corner on the rain-slicked road.

In the video, you can see the officer pulling on a rain jacket and approaching the vehicle as he asks Herrera if she’s okay. Almost before she had time to answer, the oncoming truck lost control.

A police officer stands next to the woman he saved.
(Anna Texas Police Department / Facebook)

“Within a few seconds I just heard a noise and through my peripheral vision I just seen a pick up sliding sideways coming towards us,” Blair told KXII.

His reflexes were quick, and the dash cam shows how he managed to grab Herrera and run both of them to safety — out of the way of the oncoming truck that was skidding, sideways, straight toward them.

Her first response was to say “I’m sorry,” but he was quick to respond, “Nope, you’re good.”

“Initially I was scared cause I didn’t know how fast the vehicle was going I didn’t know if we were gonna be able to make it out in time,” Blair later added.


Herrera got emotional, no doubt realizing what could have just happened. If she’d stayed where she was, she likely would have been pinned between the cars, and could have easily been killed.

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Other officers from the same department recognized this, too. “What he did that day was a great thing,” an officer named Seth McDaniel said.

“That lady probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him.”

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