Hollywood Star Releases Hilarious Video Mocking Coronavirus Lockdowns


Actor and comedian Kevin James has released hilarious a short film in which he stars as a character who becomes a fugitive from justice after shaking hands with another man in a public park.

The “King of Queens” star released the film, which is titled “Out Of Touch,” on social media last week.

“Run for your life…” he captioned a Twitter post teasing the video.

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In the short film, the actor and another man are running through a wooded area at night from a posse of law enforcement officers who are using dogs and a helicopter.

James and the other man stop to catch their breath under a tree, at which point the other man continues running and James ultimately surrenders.

The film then flashes back to a previous point in the day, which reveals that both men were on the run from police after they broke social distancing guidelines while outdoors at what appeared to be a public park.

The two characters, who are not wearing gloves or masks, encounter one another at the park and stop to have a conversation.

After agreeing to soon have dinner together, James and the other man shake hands, but the cheerful feeling among friends is cut short when a bystander calls the police on them.

“I got a couple of handshakers right in front of me,” the bystander, who is adorned in a mask, says to a 9-1-1 operator.

“Are they still in the vicinity?” the emergency operator asks.

“Staring at them right now,” the bystander says.

Other bystanders in masks then begin whispering while the camera dramatically pans in to James’ face.

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Do you think draconian lockdown orders have awakened the American people?

“Run,” warns James, who is wearing a shirt that says “USA.”

The film is an apparent affront on the current state of personal liberty in the country, and was released during a time when numerous Americans have been harassed, fined or even jailed for not adhering to government-imposed shutdown policies.

A Texas hair salon owner named Shelley Luther is perhaps the most well-known American to fall victim to such a policy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Luther was cited for refusing to keep her salon closed and later sentenced to seven days in jail after she refused to apologize.

Luther was released after Texas state officials got involved.

A Colorado father was briefly detained for playing T-ball in an empty park with his wife and daughter last month, while a woman in Pennsylvania was fined for simply going out for a drive.

Some governments across the country have also asked citizens to apparently monitor and report neighbors who do not strictly follow government social distancing orders.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, for example, announced in March that citizens willing to report their fellow residents for not social distancing would even get “rewards.”

“You know the old expression about snitches,” Garcetti said at a news briefing, according to KCBS.

“Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.”

“We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe,” he added.

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