HuffPo Issues Anti-Trump SOTU Poll, Backfires in a Major Way


Liberal website HuffPost gave it all they had on Tuesday to run an anti-Trump poll following his State of the Union address, and it backfired in a major way.

On Twitter, the left-wing outlet asked its voters to rate President Donald Trump’s speech by choosing between four different emoji faces.

As noted by The Daily Wire, the poll was slanted to make Trump look bad regardless, given three out of the four choices were negative, with just one being positive.

But the poll could not have gone worse for liberal website, as 77 percent voted in favor of Trump’s speech by selecting the smiling emoji with heart eyes.

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Not only did more than 111,000 people vote in the poll, 77 percent of voters gave Trump a positive reaction to his speech.

To reiterate: one of the most progressive, far-left websites in the country ran a poll about Trump, someone they despise, and nearly 80 percent of respondents indicated they approved of the president’s speech.

HuffPo engaged in a classic liberal tactic — issuing a rigged poll to give Trump negative reviews — and it backfired on them, big-time.

More importantly, other polls also revealed the American people overwhelmingly supported his address.

Did you enjoy Trump's State of the Union speech?

According to CBS poll released after his speech, 75 percent of Americans polled approved of his speech, one that was premised on unity, working together, and advancing his America First agenda and principles.

The CBS breakdown of that poll found that Trump’s speech sat very well with Republican and Independent voters. Even a fair amount of Democrats like the speech.

Adding even more salt to HuffPost’s self-inflicted wound, Trump’s overall approval ratings have been steadily rising in the past month.

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According to a recent Monmouth poll, Trump’s approval ratings hit 45 percent last month. A Rasmussen poll from Feb. 2 was even stronger for Trump, with 49 percent approving of his agenda and plans.

The three polls showing Americans approving of Trump’s overall performance can be attributed to numerous objectives Republicans have accomplished in the past month.

Because the fact that the GOP tax bill will allow an overwhelming majority of Americans to keep more of their own money, the booming economy, jobs coming back, our borders secured, and ISIS on the run, the American people strongly approve of Trump’s message and bold agenda.

All of that was detailed in Trump’s State of the Union address, which is why the HuffPost poll backfired so badly.

With his agenda, list of accomplishments, and bold ideas for securing the country and prioritizing Americans, it’s no wonder the liberal website’s poll was overwhelmingly pro-Trump.

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