Hunter Biden Business Partner: I've Got Joe Biden on Tape, the FBI Should Be Investigating That Family


A whistleblower who exposed Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business dealings to the world is speaking out once more.

In a preview of an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson set to air Tuesday night, Tony Bobulinksi points to the Biden family as the beneficiaries of corruption who defrauded him personally.

“So they were shafting you without your knowledge, it sounds like,” the host asked Bobulinski in one preview clip of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview.

“Yeah, it’s called fraud,” the former Hunter Biden business partner said.

In another interview preview, Bobulinski said he possesses audio recordings of Joe Biden himself — evidence that could blow open the president’s claims of independence and ignorance of his son’s business dealings.

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The businessman and veteran said he has sought an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper to break down his involvement with Hunter Biden.

“I have thousands of documents, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, recordings of the sitting president of the United States in his own voice, and I’d love to have that debate,” he said.

Joe Biden has consistently denied having any direct knowledge of or financial involvement in Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings, a claim Bobulinski contests.

Do you think Joe Biden has been involved in fraudulent activities with his son?

He said he met Joe Biden in 2017 and the elder Biden was slated to receive 10 percent of the proceeds from one Chinese government-backed business deal.

This isn’t the first time that Bobulinski has blown the whistle on Biden family corruption. The former naval officer recounted what he described as Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings with Chinese state-owned companies in an October 2020 public statement.

Bobulinksi described a Biden family operation to provide Joe with “plausible deniability” in Hunter’s business dealings when he went public before the 2020 presidential election.

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation in part related to his overseas business dealings.

Bobulinski told Carlson the FBI should investigate the Biden family in relation to his fraud allegations.

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“I’m not aware of them focusing on those specific facts — everything that I’ve been privy [to], or briefed on, is they’re focusing on more legacy tax stuff, FARA stuff,” he said, referring to the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

“They should be looking into that,” Bobulinski said.

The full interview is slated to air at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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