Hunter Biden Slams Donald Trump, Kanye West in Leaked Rambling Rant to Ex-Girlfriend


A recorded rant of Hunter Biden featured the president’s son slamming former President Donald Trump and Kanye West and rambling extensively about his personal troubles.

Audio of the rant was uploaded to streaming service Bitchute in October.

The younger Biden whined about a plethora of financial, legal and personal problems to his then-girlfriend in the video, claiming he was beleaguered by harassing phone calls from people confronting him.

“I get calls from my father to tell me that the New York Times is calling about my old partner, Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long …”

Biden referenced being named as a witness in a criminal case. “My best friend in business, Devon, has named me as a witness without telling me, in a criminal case. And my father. Without telling me.”

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Biden’s ex from the conversation, Zoe Kestan, testified before a grand jury investigating the younger Biden on Tuesday, according to the New York Post.

Kestan reportedly described breaking up with Biden after urging him to stop his drug use in her testimony, feeling “ditched” after Biden married his second wife, Melissa Cohen.

Despite claiming she is the reason for Biden’s sobriety, in the leaked audio Kestan admited to being on drugs at the time.

“That’s good,” Biden responded.

Biden inhaled a smoked substance numerous times throughout the audio, which is split between two recorded conversations.

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At one point, Biden gave Kestan a lengthy explanation of Teddy Roosevelt’s impact on the National Park system in the early 1900’s, before attacking both President Donald Trump and Kanye West.

“Donald Trump is the legacy of what we could’ve ended up with … which is that fame, wealth, notoriety, accomplishment in many senses,” Biden said of the then-President before being distracted by a dialogue about Kanye West.

“Donald Trump is a patch on the a** of f****** … I just don’t understand it … It’s not only that, he’s a bad person.”

“I hate people that their purpose is to create press,” Biden said of West. “He endears himself, though, to the white f****** pseudo f****** racists in South Carolina.”

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At one point, Biden delivered a lengthy rant on the grievances men broadly have inflicted upon women, going on to misquote the phrase “Oedipus complex” as an “edible complex.”

Biden reflected on a life of drug addiction, political scandal and accusations of self-dealing corruption near the end of the audio.

“If I were to die tomorrow, my eulogy … It would not be very pretty. I don’t think that half of the people that I’ve done anything for would show up. I don’t think that 90% would.”

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