Incredible Moment Woman Rescues Abandoned Baby from Storm Drain Captured on Video


It’s a classic story: a baby is left on someone’s doorstep, wrapped in a basket with a note attached.

Usually, the message relates a tragic tale of how the parent is unable to care for the child and hopes someone can take him or her in.

Child abandonment is a very real and longtime problem. As long as there are people in this world, there will be those who face circumstances that lead them to believe they cannot keep their child.

Some parents clearly care more than others, as was clear in the case of a 10-day-old baby boy who was abandoned in a restroom at an airport with clean clothes, clean blankets, and content as could be.

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Public bathrooms are common places abandoned babies are found. At least when they’re left in relatively safe places with protection from the elements, there is hope that they were loved.

Others are not so fortunate. Some babies are cast aside like trash, left on roadsides, in ditches, or in this particular case, a drainage pipe.

On Aug. 15, a woman in India named Geeta heard a strange sound coming from a nearby drain. The sounds, she thought, probably belonged to a puppy or a kitten.

Do you think more should be done to help abandoned babies?

She crawled to the pipe and reached in, but she didn’t pull out a bedraggled pup or cat. According to The Independent, she pulled out a baby boy.

The baby looked exhausted. He was incredibly pale, and his umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck.


Geeta said the baby was in rough shape when she finally managed to free him from the drain.

“I saw the baby lying in between two small pipes inside a cemented drain,” she said. “He was covered with dirt and insects.”

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The little boy is now in a hospital in Chennai, India, where he is being treated. Hopefully, he’ll find a new family soon.

There are many resources for those who find themselves pregnant and can’t see a way forward. Unfortunately, some locales do not have as many of these organizations as others.

As long as there are people like Geeta looking for and rescuing these little ones, though, they’ll have a shot at life that their parents sadly chose not to give them.

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