Individual No One Has Ever Heard of Tries to Bait Gina Carano with Nasty Tweet, But Then It Backfires


An editor at a blog for video games who has virtually no social media following — and thus no influence to speak of — attempted to dunk on actress Gina Carano on Twitter last week.

An attempt at “woke” virtue signaling backfired spectacularly. It did little, other than prove that Carano is actually an adult who genuinely cares about people other than herself.

Carano, if you’ll recall, was fired from the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” which is part of the Star Wars universe in February 2021.

The actress expressed her First Amendment right when she reminded her Instagram followers that the Nazis were only able to dehumanize and murder millions of Jews in Hitler’s Germany because the people were complicit.

There was nothing untruthful about the comment. Disney canned her for expressing thoughts that were not in line with its corrupted values.

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That is in essence to say the actress and former mixed martial artist was fired after she expressed conservative ideas online.

The termination had been coming for some time, as Lucasfilms wanted her gone, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Carano is working, and, more importantly, she is able to express herself without the fear of retribution from the “woke” activists who run Disney and its subsidiaries.

Two years have gone by and “The Mandalorian” has a strong female character, a woman named Katy O’Brian, whose background in MMA is similar to Carano’s.

Do you like Gina Carano?

O’Brian is getting a lot more screen time on the show by playing the character Elia Kane. A woman named Alyssa Mercante, who is an editor at the video game blog Kotaku, used this as a reason to rip Carano.

Mercante also found it appropriate to remind her 4,000 followers O’Brian is a “muscular lesbian” while she simultaneously branded Carano as a “transphobe.”

The Kotaku editor received mixed responses to her unprovoked and weirdly Carano-obsessed attack. But no Twitter response was more telling than the one that came from Carano herself.

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Carano, who was not seething, asked her supporters Tuesday not to pile on and attack O’Brian — who had nothing to do with Mercante’s decision to compare the two of them without explanation.

“I’ve been tagged in this a bunch so I wanted to say one thing.. please do not engage in hateful comments towards the actress in this pic,” Carano tweeted. “I met her on season 2 of [“The Mandalorian”] I believe and she was a sweetheart. Send her nothing but love.”

Carano added, “The person who posted this is sad and got the ugly attention she desired.. but that is not this [actress’s] fault. It hurts my heart to think that someone is so excited about a job to be met with unjust hate because of ridiculous drama, rumors and heresy. “

“I experienced that and it is cruel, I don’t want anyone else to feel that,” Carano concluded from her private account. “Move with care on here.”

Reading that response, there is really not much to say — other than the obvious fact Carano comes off as genuine, kind-hearted and mature.

It is apparent now more than ever why the actress did not fit in at Disney: She has too much class.

Mercante, meanwhile, describes herself as a “bimbo” in her Twitter bio, so we can’t say she isn’t at least somewhat self-aware — even if virtually no one is aware of who she is.

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