The Internet is Having a Field Day over Oregon Residents Having to Pump Their Own Gas


Tell the state of Oregon to stay off Twitter.

On Monday, a new law went into effect in the state allowing gas stations in counties with 40,000 residents or less to make their gas pumps self-serve, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

For those wondering why this is big news, the Beaver State previously held the distinction as one of only two states — the other being New Jersey — that barred residents from pumping their own gas for safety purposes.

However, House Bill 2482 went into effect on New Year’s Day, introducing the act of pumping gas to nearly 3.1 million Oregonian drivers who may have never shared the experience. And as reported by the Washington Post, some residents are not happy about having to fill their own gas tank.

Local news outlet KTVL asked Facebook users to comment their thoughts on the new law which yielded some interesting responses.

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Responses such as those seen above kick-started the internet meme machine which gifted internet users with an array of comical responses to Oregonians’ reluctance to pump their own fuel.
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Even NASCAR jumped in on the Twitter fun, writing that “@NASCAR drivers don’t like to pump their own gas, either.”

Political commentator Ben Shapiro also took time to offer words of support and assurance to residents of the Beaver State.

“People of Oregon: we’ve been pumping our own gas in California for years,” Shapiro tweeted Wednesday. “You’ll be fine. Seriously.”

Internet jokes aside, for Oregonians looking to brush up on their gas pumping skills, the American Petroleum Institute has offered tips on how to stay safe at the pump.

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