Iraq War Vet Who Lost His Leg in Battle Shuts Down David Hogg With Brutal Message


Anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg sure knows how to play the victim… but a wounded soldier just called him out on his perpetual lectures.

On Friday, a U.S. Army soldier named Derek Weida posted a scathing response to Hogg, who has proclaimed himself the voice of a generation on gun violence in America.

Whether you want to call Hogg a shooting “survivor” is up for debate. Perhaps “witness” is a better term: He was at the high school at the time of the tragedy, but only heard gunshots in a different part of the school.

In contrast, Derek Weida is a shooting survivor in every sense of the word. He literally took a bullet for his country… and gave up his leg due to injuries from that attack.

“I got shot on a house raid in Iraq,” the former soldier posted on Facebook. “My getting shot didn’t make me a professional on war, international relations, house raids (obviously), or guns,” he explained, seemingly criticizing Hogg for positioning himself as a gun control authority.

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Weida explained that he isn’t particularly pro-gun himself, but feels that David Hogg is using the issue for self-aggrandizement and coming across as condescending and smug as a result.

Warning: Post contains explicit language.

“Here’s my two cents: It’s not a gun problem, not a people problem, it’s a culture thing,” the one-legged soldier wrote.

Do you believe David Hogg's often smug demeanor is a liability?

“Don’t ever be so quick to tell a whoooole lot of people how to live,” he warned Hogg. “F***ing NOBODY wants school shootings, mass shootings, shootings of any kind where somebody ends up injured or dead. Nobody.”

“It’s not even about the gun. It’s about the freedom and the right… And you can’t win an argument against that, nor should you,” he went on.

Weida, who served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, scolded Hogg for demonizing law-abiding gun owners and portraying NRA members as blood-soaked murderers.

“Bad things happen sometimes but on the grand scale of things… Like 99.999% of people are good. Yes, let’s find ways to deter those .001% of people as best we can but they’re gonna accomplish their task regardless,” he stated.

“I guess I just want to say don’t be so quick to talk. Don’t be so quick to think YOU are somehow the ONE person who has things figured out,” the Purple Heart recipient suggested to Hogg.

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Then he wrote something that countless conservatives have wanted to say to David Hogg for weeks.

“You want to make a change? Cool!! But… Try to be less of a c*** about it.”

He’s right on the money. Nobody — nobody — wants more school shootings. Not liberals, not conservatives, not NRA members. The problem that many on the right have with Hogg isn’t that he wants to reduce violence, it’s that he insults and smugly attacks anyone who doesn’t carry his banner.

David Hogg has the demeanor and attitude of someone who hasn’t yet learned that 17-year-olds don’t have all the answers.

If he has an ounce of wisdom, he’d be smart to listen to veterans like Weida who have faced their own deadly struggles… but realized that humbleness goes a lot further than hubris.

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