James Woods Takes Apart Cruel Clinton Crony Who Mocked Vanessa Trump


The left has a problem, and his name is Philippe Reines.

More specifically, they have a problem with what Reines represents. He’s the latest man within the Clinton inner circle to treat women like absolute trash, calling into question the Democrat Party’s sincerity on the feminist issues that they’ve claimed as their own.

On Wednesday, Reines — a political adviser who has worked closely with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton since the early 2000s — launched a personal attack on Vanessa Trump, the daughter-in-law of the president.

In a vile tweet, the Clinton insider made personal comments about Vanessa Trump’s sex life in a disgusting attempt to hurt her husband, Donald Trump Jr.

Part of that stalker-like attack on the mother of five was a reference to the “machismo” of her alleged high school boyfriend, a Hispanic man she dated over two decades ago.

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Nearly everyone, including Chelsea Clinton, quickly made their disgust over Reines’ sexual-laced comments known. But it was James Woods, the conservative actor, who raised a very good point about the Clinton adviser.

“Meanwhile Philippe Reines, confused daily by which bathroom to use, emerges as a self-proclaimed expert on machismo?” Woods posted on Twitter, along with a link to Fox News’ coverage of the personal attack.

The comment was referencing the left’s recent obsession with transgender bathrooms, while pointing out that the awkward, clearly unhinged Reines wouldn’t know machismo or masculinity if it hit him in the face.

Do Democrats have a serious problem on the issue of women?

Of course Reines isn’t the first male who is buddies with the Clintons to disprove the “women first” talking points that Clinton espoused during her campaign.

There’s Anthony Weiner, the convicted sex offender who was once a rising star in the Democrat party. His wife is Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest advisers.

Then there’s Harvey Weinstein, who was by all accounts close friends with the Clintons until he fell from grace as an accused sexual assaulter who used his power in Hollywood to blackmail women for sexual favors. How progressive.

Other Clinton staff members besides Reines don’t look so blameless, either. In her book “Chasing Hillary,” New York Times reporter Amy Chozick “blew the whistle” on rampant sexism and chauvinism within the former first lady’s campaign team.

And who can forget the elephant in the room: Bill Clinton himself.

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The Democrat “hero” who committed perjury to cover up his use of a White House intern for sexual gratification has also been credibly accused of sexual harassment and even rape over several decades.

In the era of “MeToo,” it’s appalling that Clinton decided to stay with such a man, almost certainly because it was politically advantageous. It’s also appalling that liberals continue to defend and protect Bill Clinton, literally refusing to “believe all women” while pretending that they’re the champions of feminism.

It looks like it’s all a sham. The elitist left, exemplified by the Clintons, seems to only stand up for women when it suits their political agenda. The moment the liberal establishment can take a cheap shot at a mother’s sexuality and personal life, they do… but they cannot get away with it unchecked forever.

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