Jan. 6 Star Witness Exposed: Explosive New Emails Show Why No One Should Trust a Word She Said


Somewhere, Liz Cheney is shrieking.

Following former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive June 28 testimony, Vice Chair of the Jan. 6 Committee Liz Cheney was sure she had her smoking gun. Her star witness had delivered the goods on former President Donald Trump.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, it was discovered that certain “facts” didn’t add up. As time went by, the chasm between Hutchinson’s statements and reality began to grow.

The Secret Service quickly disputed Hutchinson’s allegations that Trump had lunged at his driver and tried to grab the steering wheel and said agents were ready to say so — under oath.

Moreover, it turned out that the committee never tried to corroborate Hutchinson’s accusations, which, had it been conducting an impartial — and ethical — investigation, would have been its first course of action.

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Hutchinson claimed in her testimony to have written a recommended statement for Trump on a notecard on Jan. 6, which read, “Anyone who entered the Capitol without proper authority should leave immediately,” according to The Washington Examiner.

However, a representative for former White House attorney Eric Herschmann told ABC News last week that Herschmann had written this note. “All sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have and will confirm that it was written by Mr. Herschmann,” the representative said.

And The Daily Caller reported Hutchinson had called the Jan. 6 committee “bs” in a leaked text message.

On Tuesday, The Daily Caller reported they’d obtained several emails Hutchinson had written to a former senior Trump administration official explaining that she was in a financial bind and asked if they could put her in touch with someone who might help her.

Do you think Hutchinson told the truth?

On Feb. 4, she wrote: “I was subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee on November 9, 2020 [sic 2021], but was not formally served until Wednesday, January 26, 2021 [sic 2022]. I’ve had difficulty securing a legal team, and was hoping you may be able to put me in contact with any fundraising organizations and/or attorneys that are involved in this process.”

In a second email to this individual, she explained: “My aunt and uncle applied to refinance their house to loosen up some money since I don’t have much immediate family, but they weren’t approved.”

The emails can be viewed below:

The Daily Caller’s sources included “multiple senior Trump officials and a person with first-hand knowledge” who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity.

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Several of the sources said former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows refused to take Hutchinson’s calls after she was subpoenaed. The outlet confirmed this claim with his representative who explained that Meadows wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

The “person with first-hand knowledge” told the Daily Caller: “Cassidy Hutchinson reached out to various people in Trump world asking for both financial assistance and help finding a lawyer. She told us she was in significant financial distress, had no family that could help and couldn’t even afford food. She also told us Mark Meadows wouldn’t return her calls. To our knowledge, she spoke with multiple lawyers and chose Stefan Passantino to represent her.”

This person said “Trump’s PAC agreed to help her financially” and recommended some potential lawyers. The source added that “Hutchinson made derogatory comments about the Jan. 6 committee to multiple people in Trump world.”

One of the senior Trump officials said: “She reached out to Trump world and was like, ‘Hey. The committee reached out to me. I really need help.’ She didn’t have a job. She didn’t have money to pay a lawyer. Trump has been trying to be really helpful, especially with young people who weren’t like bad actors on J6, like get you a lawyer. Pay for it. Meadows wasn’t returning her phone calls and like her circle of people, weren’t, like, helpful.”

Given her testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, why would Hutchinson reach out to the Trump team for help? As more and more of her text messages and emails trickle out, that question looms larger than ever and undermines her legitimacy as a witness.

It appears as if the bloom is off the rose. Hutchinson looks more and more like a total fraud — and this leaves us wondering what caused her to go from calling the investigation “b$”, I mean “bs”, to becoming the committee’s star witness.

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Elizabeth is a contract writer at The Western Journal. Her articles have appeared on many conservative websites including RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist,, HotAir, MSN and RealClearPolitics.

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