Jeffery Ford: K-12 Education - A Dangerous Threat to Our Children & National Security


From kindergarten through high school, our nation’s children are under constant assault in far too many school districts across the country.

Long gone are the days when we could naively send our youngsters to school secure in the knowledge they were in the capable hands of an educational system with only our children’s best interest in mind.

These schools are purposefully taking valuable time away from teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, in order to indoctrinate their students with a leftist, pacifist, LGBTQ worldview that is in direct opposition to many families’ religious values.

LGBTQ Infiltration Into Education

More and more schools are now including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lessons in the classroom as early as kindergarten. In some states, such as California, parents don’t even possess the right to be notified before many of these lessons occur to give them the option to remove their child from the classroom during them.

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From kindergarten up, children are being taught in these schools to question their gender during lessons on gender fluidity, exposing them to the convoluted notion that they can be either a boy or a girl and that their gender can change throughout their life — and even throughout each day.

Some school districts are even inviting transgender individuals and transvestites to come into their K-12 classrooms to personally teach their students about their chosen lifestyles.

Cpl. Max Klinger from TV’s “M*A*S*H” was a male (can we still say that?) character who comically wore a dress and makeup because he was seeking a Section 8 mental illness discharge so he could return home from the Korean War. Though Klinger was an amusing character for millions of people, not too many of us would ever have believed we would see his character’s aberrant behavior (and far worse) being culturally normalized and then thrust into our young children’s lives under the guise of a proper education.

While Col. Henry Blake grudgingly endured Klinger’s shenanigans, it’s highly doubtful that Gens. George Patton or Douglas MacArthur would have tolerated his actions for a second during World War II due to the importance of maintaining their troops’ esprit de corps.

Has public education gotten worse since you were a student?

What good people choose to do in the privacy of their own home is their business. However, when those same people decide to bring their potentially problematic idiosyncrasies into our neighborhood schools, then it becomes all of our business — especially when it affects our children’s psyches and potentially even our national defense.

Granting Participation Awards and Mandating Non-Competitiveness

America’s schools have been entrusted with educating our nation’s children in a manner that best promotes each student’s ability to achieve his or her full potential. Lately, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that our trust has been woefully misplaced.

We still live in a competitive dog-eat-dog world in which many of our country’s potential enemies are training their children in hand-to-hand combat and the use of lethal military equipment, yet far too many of our nation’s schools won’t even allow their students to play dodgeball during recess or gym class because someone’s feelings might get hurt.

But it’s not just dodgeball. Teachers are increasingly choosing (or required) not to keep score during a variety of sporting and academic games. Many school districts across the country are even moving away from grading their students’ papers, tests and assignments in what’s often called competency-based learning, mastery-based learning or proficiency-based learning.

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It’s a shame too, because children are resilient and deserve the right to receive complete and constructive feedback so they can learn how to rise up to the challenges they will be facing throughout life.

We need our nation’s youth fully prepared to leave school hungry to compete against others for jobs and even hungrier to compete against their own personal best in every facet of their lives. That means sometimes they will win and sometimes they will lose. There’s absolutely no shame in losing from time to time; it’s how we rise up to our challenges that defines who we will become as we mature into adulthood.

Nobody deserves a participation award just for showing up. Life is tough and in the real world it’s still the survival of the fittest for every individual and for every nation.

Schools are doing our young men and women no favors by shielding them from this basic fact of life: If you want to be a winner you have to be a worthy competitor who keeps moving forward every day — no matter what.

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Jeffery Ford is an author and guest on numerous talk radio shows.
Jeffery Ford is an author and frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows.