Jim Caviezel Goes Public With Reason He Plays So Many Biblical Roles


Actor Jim Caviezel, famous for playing Jesus in Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster hit “The Passion of the Christ,” will star in another biblically based film, “Paul, Apostle of Christ.”

The movie, set to be released on March 23, will depict the story of Saul of Tarsus, who was transformed by God from a persecutor of Christians to Paul, one of the most influential missionaries and figures in the history of Christianity.

Caviezel will play Luke, a friend of the Apostle Paul and the author of the third Gospel in the Bible.

In an interview with the Christian Post, Caviezel said he doesn’t star in these films for the money, but to spread Christ’s love with the world.

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“Often times when we think about conversion, it’s not necessarily going to make us wealthier but it’ll do one thing, it’ll give us a heart filled with just great joy that we’ve been lacking,” he said.

“Certainly, in my industry I’ve seen so many that are wealthy but are dead. My Lord’s message to me was, ‘OK you felt my love come through you. You can’t judge them, you have to be love for them because that’s the only Christ they’re going to know.'”

Although Caviezel hasn’t always felt like he was the best person for these roles, he said he felt called by God nonetheless.

“Am I the right guy (for the parts)? No, I never thought I was the right guy to play Jesus (either) but a friend of mine told me this, he said – ‘God doesn’t always choose the best, but He chose you so what are you gonna do about it?'”

Do you plan on watching "Paul, Apostle of Christ"?

Caviezel also said he is much more interested in serving God than doing what’s popular in the entertainment industry.

“I’ll be point blank with you, my industry has been around for a century,” he told the Christian Post.

“The word of God has been around for 5,000 years if you want to go back to Moses and Abraham.”

In the interview, Caviezel called on all Christians to show the love of Jesus to the world.

“Christians need to understand that we are 2.3 billion, that’s much bigger than 300 million people in the United States but if we want to hold the truth, we have to show it by love.”

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He continued, “If I said to you, ‘Why did you convert?’ You’d say, ‘Because of His love towards me.’ Well then why won’t you share that with others?”

Watch Caviezel’s interview with the Christian Post below:

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