Joe Biden 'Fact Checked' by Child After She Asks One Question the Media Refuses to Touch


A little girl fact-checked President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday after he forgot someone as he attempted to list off all the places where his “six” grandchildren live.

The child was seemingly unaware Biden had actually forgotten to name two kids that call him their grandfather, but she did call him out after he listed off only five.

Biden spoke lovingly about his grandkids at a White House event called “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

A number of kids posed easy questions to the president, such as what his favorite movie is or where he had recently traveled.

He botched the answers to them and raised more questions about his cognitive health in the process.

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At one point during the event, the topic of how many grandchildren Biden has was raised and the president made no mention of Hunter Biden’s love child with a former exotic dancer from Arkansas.

“Where are your grandsons or granddaughters?” a young girl asked Biden.

Biden appeared delighted by the question and he made his way over to the girl to answer it for her.

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“One granddaughter lives in… in Pennsylvania – in Philadelphia,” he said. “One granddaughter lives in New York. One granddaughter lives in Washington. One granddaughter lives in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Biden concluded, “And the other grandsons … my grandson lives in California. I left somebody out, didn’t I?” he said. “Anyway. Philadelphia, Wilmington and –.”

The little girl cut Biden off there.

“There are six, but you only said five,” she said.

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The president responded, “I did say five. You’re right.”

“So, let me see,” he said. “I got one in New York, two in Philadelphia — or is it three? No, three, because I got one granddaughter who is – I don’t know. You’re confusing me. But they’re all around.”

Biden was wholly unprepared to answer the question about his family’s youngest members, and there might or might not be a valid reason for that.

His memory could be blamed, but the topic is also landmine of which surely the child was unaware.

Biden claimed to be the proud grandfather of six children when in fact that number is seven, according to People magazine.

During a 2018 tryst in Washington, D.C. with a former stripper named Lunden Roberts, the president’s son Hunter Biden fathered a little girl who was proven to be his daughter after he was ordered by a court to take a DNA test.

The test found that the little girl, who is now four, is the president’s seventh grandchild “with scientific certainty,” CNN reported.

While Biden did forget one of the grandkids he does recognize during his meandering response to the little girl at the White House on Thursday, he has never once publicly acknowledged his son’s daughter with Roberts.

Biden continues to deny the child a chance at knowing her extended family, which might or might not be a good thing.

America’s first family is nothing if not dysfunctional.

But there is an argument to be made that the president has a moral obligation to give his seventh grandchild the dignity of being recognized — even if Hunter is currently fighting in court to prevent her from taking the Biden name.

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