Joe Biden Wanders Around in Crowd Looking Totally Lost While Everyone Around Him Completely Ignores Him


Can you watch this video and seriously believe that this person is the president?

President Joe Biden was totally ignored by a large crowd of Washington insiders in his own White House on Tuesday.

Biden was hosting an event at which former President Barack Obama made his first appearance at the White House since leaving office in 2017.

Leading Democrats such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gather around Obama in the odd video clip, with Biden seemingly forgotten.

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It’s hard to believe the confused figure in the video is, in fact, the president — as opposed to a senior member of Congress long past his prime.

Obama was at the White House to commemorate the passage of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Obama referred to Biden as the vice president in a “joke” that may have left some members of Biden’s political circle less than thrilled.

However, Biden himself made the same comment, all but admitting that he has no desire to emerge from his former boss’ shadow.

While the two men present themselves as good friends, insider accounts suggest the relationship between Obama and Biden is far more acrimonious.

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A 2020 Politico article detailed how Biden and his political staffers felt betrayed by Obama’s 2016 preference for Hillary Clinton and his reluctance to endorse Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

“He was loyal, I think, to Obama in every way in terms of defending and standing by him, even probably when he disagreed with what Obama was doing,” said Leon Panetta, Obama’s second secretary of defense, at the time.

“To some extent, [he] oftentimes felt that that loyalty was not being rewarded.”

Biden hasn’t achieved Obama’s level of popularity in the Democratic Party.

Obama never had approval numbers as low as Biden’s, with some polling showing the 79-year old with a dismal 36 percent approval rating.

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