Joy Behar Claims Trump Supporters Are 'Pawns' and 'Do Not Realize' It


Joy Behar asserted on Tuesday that supporters of President Donald Trump are not intelligent enough to realize that they are “pawns” being used by Trump so he can win the November election.

The co-host of ABC’s “The View” was speaking about how some people are hesitant to wear masks amid the coronavirus pandemic when she linked that reluctance to the politics of those who support the president.

Behar also linked not wearing a mask to driving while drunk and smoking in public spaces.

“There’s certain rules that you have to follow, you know, you can’t drive if you’re drunk. You have to wear a seat belt. You’re not allowed to smoke in public, things like that, that you sign away your freedom in a way to be restricted in your car,” she said.

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Behar told her ABC audience that endangering public health in other ways results in some form of punishment, before going after supporters of the president.

“The rules are being distorted by Trump and his enablers in the Congress, in particular, the leaders in Congress who are enabling him, he’s playing a political game with people’s lives,” Behar said.

“And these people do not realize that they are pawns in his game. He only wants to be re-elected. He doesn’t really care if you live or die,” she added.

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The liberal pundit then criticized the president for playing a round of golf over Memorial Day weekend, and also insulted his faith.

“I mean, witness the fact that he went golfing on [Memorial Day weekend] when the names are being printed in The New York Times about how many people have died. He couldn’t care less,” Behar said.

“He wants to turn people against each other so that he gets re-elected. Let’s take the example of the church. Does anybody really believe that he’s so religious and cares so much about people going to church? No, he doesn’t. He only wants to turn you against each other, religion against other religion,” she added.

Also on Tuesday’s program, co-host Meghan McCain criticized Americans who were photographed outdoors enjoying the holiday weekend.

The daughter of late the Arizona Sen. John McCain compared Americans enjoying recreational outdoors activities to the nude and intoxicated participants on the segments produced by the now-defunct adult video company “Girls Gone Wild.”

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“I think I’m just confused as to why I’ve been advocating for a slow-roll open of the economy if we aren’t going to have some kind of in-between between completely isolating, quarantining forever, and ‘Girls Gone Wild,’” she said.

“I’m very confused, because for me when you see that gripping New York Times cover with all the names of the people who have died, which by the way, people who are close to me have lost family members from the COVID crisis,” McCain said.

“I think I’m just confused at the insensitivity. And if some of these states, like in the Ozarks, have decided that they are going to do herd immunity and haven’t told the rest of the country, then I would like to know,” she also added.

McCain concluded that images of Americans celebrating the holiday weekend left her feeling “very disheartened.”

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