Judge Judy Reaches Verdict Seconds into Case after Dog's Reaction to Plaintiff


There are few things stronger than the love a dog has for its owner. Loyalty and devotion in its purest form, dogs have the biggest hearts even when they’re in the tiniest bodies.

Over the last few months there have been countless stories of lost dogs who recognized their owners after months or years of separation. Dogs never forget those who cared for them.

Knowing this, TV Judge Judy Sheindlin allowed the dog in the middle of a heated court case to make the final verdict. Justice was indeed served.

A woman was sold a dog by another woman on the street. She thought she owned the dog outright.

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However, another man claimed the dog was his pet. The two decided to take their dispute to the courtroom.

The woman brought evidence from the vet saying that dog was as old as she claimed it was, but Judge Judy dismissed that claim. It didn’t matter how old the dog was, she was concerned with the real owner.

Judge Judy then asked a woman on the defendant’s side to retrieve the dog. When the dog was brought into the courtroom, Judge Judy asked for the dog to be set down.

The dog would decide who was the real owner. Under her breath, the defendant can be heard whispering “don’t, don’t, don’t.”

When the dog’s paws hit the floor, it took off running toward the plaintiff, who immediately started crying with the joy. The dog jumped onto his rightful owner with excitement — it was the first time they had seen each other in a while.

As convincing as the dog’s wagging tail was, even more so was the plaintiff’s reaction. His display of emotion proved that this was the dog he loved and missed dearly.

It was a beautiful reunion between man and man’s best friend. The defendant, however, still claimed it was her dog even after the dog made its own decision.

Judge Judy dismissed this by getting out of her chair. “That’s all, take the dog home,” Judge Judy said to the plaintiff. Case closed.

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