Pregnant Mom in Tears, Says Final Goodbye to First Born. They'll Never Share Moment Like This Again


Photographers can capture some of life’s most precious moments. Engagements, weddings, family photos, and the adorable infant shoots that steal hearts with chubby cheeks and tiny fingers.

A life-changing moment that is not often professionally photographed is the baby’s birth. Though moms take plenty of photos to show off their growing bellies throughout the pregnancy, the room in which the baby is delivered seems to be a “no-media” zone.

The photographer behind Crowned Photography, Laura Paulescu, has captured intimate photographs of babies’ first moments of life and their mothers’ reactions. Not only are her photos representative of the joy of childbirth, they focus on the shift in family life that inevitably occurs when a new addition is welcomed.

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Blogger Melissa Willets came across one of Paluescu’s photos that greatly impacted her as she thought about the upcoming birth of her fourth child. Paulescu had captured a tender moment between a mom and her oldest daughter, a curly-haired toddler sitting on top of her mother’s baby bump, just hours before her little sibling would be born.

The photo struck Willets as not only beautiful, but as a goodbye to a chapter of the mother’s life. That tight embrace was the last hug between a mother and her only daughter, a last time for it to be just the two of them.

This photo reminded Willets of the birth of her second daughter. She stood in the driveway hugging her firstborn with tears in her eyes.

“And while I couldn’t wait to welcome my new baby my heart was breaking,” Willets wrote. “I felt completely shattered inside. I didn’t want to let go. Ever.”

Heading to the hospital that night to induce labor, Willets was painfully aware of the changes that would be occurring in their family. While everyone was excited for a new addition and her oldest could not wait to be a big sister, there was a sense of finality that had Willets in tears her entire ride to the hospital.

Willets has now experienced that feeling twice and will once more when her fourth baby is born. With each new birth, their family says goodbye to their norm and says hello to a reinvented family structure.

Willetts’ three daughters all get along well and even consider each other their best friends, but the initial change is always difficult to adjust to at first. It takes time for a family to settle into a new routine.

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In her blog post inspired by Crowned Photography, Willets also addressed that any time a baby is born, the best is yet to come. She is a firm believer in the joy of being a parent and that is why her growing family is her greatest blessing.

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