Hearts Melting Over Photos of Dad Walking Daughter to School on First Day and Very Last


The last day of high school can be emotional for both parents and students. While students are excited to be done with this stage of their education, parents are realizing just how grown up their children actually are.

Graduating from high school can signify a transition to adulthood, the move to college, and leaving childhood home. Photos in cap and gown commemorate the special day for years to come.

One father wanted to make his daughter’s last day of high school special for another reason, as well. Inspired by an old photo of himself and his daughter, Brittany, Jason Gayler decided to reenact walking his daughter to school on her first day of kindergarten.

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The old photo shows 5-year-old Brittany with a pink school bag excitedly walking to her first day of school. Her dad, hands in his pockets, is strolling behind her, looking down at his little girl.

Just a few weeks ago, Jason walked Brittany to school one last time. The two are pictured walking through the parking lot of Brittany’s high school just days before her graduation.

Brittany said the walk was very bitter-sweet. Her parents have always been there for her, and her dad’s gesture was evidence of this.

Brittany was an athlete in high school and plans to continue playing softball at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. In just two short months, Brittany will be moving out and starting a life of her own.

These photos serve as an excellent reminder of Jason’s devotion to his daughter no matter how old she gets. Going off to college shortly, Brittany has an amazing support system behind her.

Brittany shared the photos on Twitter explaining the significance of the two walks. Twitter exploded with love and respect for such a sweet father-daughter relationship.

Brittany was shocked by the feedback she got from the tweet. People everywhere have shared the photos and even commented on her dad’s ability to not age a single day!

While Jason thought he was simply sharing a moment with his oldest daughter, he was actually creating a moment that would be adored and admired by the world. The tweet currently has over 15 thousand shares, and everyone who has seen these cute photos can’t help but smile at a father’s incredible way of walking with his daughter through life.

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