Judge Nap Chimes In on Kavanaugh Accusations


Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are reminiscent of those made against Justice Clarence Thomas’ and may end up devolving into partisan political theater.

“Because we are in this era — the post-Robert Bork, post-Clarence Thomas era of Supreme Court hearings… and we’re in the #MeToo era, I think that this Dr. Ford will be asked to testify and Judge Kavanaugh will be asked to testify and we’re going to see another version of the Clarence Thomas-Anita hill hearings right before our eyes,” Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Napolitano said the Senate will likely take the next several weeks to determine if the allegations are true, or whether they are simply the result of partisan mudslinging.

“So the Senate Judiciary Committee will have to decide, is she credible? Is Judge Kavanaugh denial credible?

“Is this some sort of a political stunt? Some sort of political Hail Mary from the left, or did this actually happen as she says it did?” he added.

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“Did she have a suppressed memory as she says she has, until she was in counseling with her husband in 2012?

“Now, the counseling with her husband in 2012 is corroborated by the psychiatrist or psychologist with whom she and her husband were having the counseling.”

Check out Napolitano’s “Fox & Friends” appearance here:

Ford’s therapist wrote there were four men present for the assault in her notes, but Ford claims only two men were with her in the room.

The other man accused of being in the room with Kavanaugh has also categorically denied the allegation.

Napolitano also said it’s been too long since the alleged assault to get a straight answer about whether anything really happened.

“This is what happens when events like this are brought to the fore 35 years later,” he concluded.

“Memories fade and people remember things differently.

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“Two people seeing the same thing at the same time will recall it differently the next day, much less 35 years later.”

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