Judge Smacks Down Biden's Anti-White Loan Forgiveness for Farmers


A U.S. federal judge effectively struck down one of the more openly racist policies to come out of President Joe Biden’s administration thus far.

Judge Marcia Morales Howard of the Middle District of Florida halted the administration’s $4 billion aid package for “farmers of color” on Wednesday, ruling that the plaintiff, a white farmer, “has shown a substantial likelihood of success on his claim that, as written, the law violates his right to equal protection.”

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many American farmers have suffered a marked loss of income, much of which tends to contribute to their rectifying federal agricultural loans.

The plaintiff in the case was Scott Wynn, described by the Pacific Legal Foundation as “a lifelong farmer who has run Wynn Farms in Jennings, Florida, producing sweet potatoes, corn, and cattle since 2006.”

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Like many farmers, Wynn was relying on relief from the federal government to help him stay afloat amid the crisis.

The hang-up in his case, however, is that he is the wrong skin color for the Biden administration.

As the Pacific Legal Foundation explained, “The law allows loan forgiveness of up to 120 percent but only for minority farmers and ranchers, who the law automatically treats as ‘socially disadvantaged,’ regardless of their individual circumstances.”

Should loan forgiveness be given to farmers on the basis of race?

“Because government cannot use racial classifications to decide who gets government benefits and burdens,” it continued, “Scott is fighting back to restore his right to equal treatment for all farmers.”

This was the effective ruling in court.

“Section 1005’s rigid, categorical, race-based qualification for relief is the antithesis of flexibility,” Howard determined. “The debt relief provision applies strictly on racial grounds irrespective of any other factor. Every person who identifies him or herself as falling within a socially disadvantaged group who has a qualifying farm loan with an outstanding balance as of January 1, 2021, receives up to 120 percent debt relief — and no one else receives any debt relief.”

In order to be considered “socially disadvantaged” by the Biden administration, The New York Times seemed to proudly report, an American has to identify as being “Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander.”

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In other words, you have to be a member of the Obama-Biden-Democratic Party “rainbow coalition,” which has been cobbled together over the past decade through race-baiting, coercion and lies about American history and current race relations.

For an administration that bills itself as LBJ-esque on racial issues, the Biden administration leans heavily in favor of racial discrimination, the banning of which was the crowning achievement of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”

What Biden’s farmer loan forgiveness amounted to was an attempt at racial reparations by other means.

Because Americans today vehemently oppose discrimination based on skin color, the leftists in the Biden administration recognize that semantic gamesmanship and a healthy bit of gas-lighting are in order.

How else would it get away with reverting back to the olden days of grouping Americans by race and then picking winners and losers based on the prejudices of those in power?

While the ruling isn’t a total victory — Howard said the program could continue issuing relief while it sorted out the provisions deemed unconstitutional — it is a win for Americans who do not believe that current injustice is a remedy for past wrongdoing, or that advantages should be doled out by the government based either on immutable characteristics like race or in retribution for the evil actions of those who’ve been dead for centuries.

But in order to fulfill the racist “diversity,” “inclusion” and “equity” aspects of its radical agenda, the Biden administration is willing to force upon Americans an alternate version of the identity politics pushed by George Wallace, Bull Connor and other such of the worst Americans defeated during the civil rights movement.

Fortunately, along with many Americans themselves, our system of checks and balances is presenting opposition to what would be an ugly return to the race-based politics of yore.

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