Brutal Judge Unloads on Liberals as Rapist Illegal Alien Gets 80-Year Sentence


Even though the establishment media barely reports on them, the stories still creep out about murders, rapes and other crimes committed at the hands of illegal aliens. Earlier this week, the remains of missing college student Mollie Tibbetts were located. The man charged with her brutal murder is an illegal alien.

The list of those harmed and and killed by illegal aliens keeps growing. Katie Steinle in San Francisco, Tibbetts in Iowa and far too many others have died or been grievously injured at the hands of men who never should have been in the country to begin with. Now, a judge in Illinois has decided enough is enough.

The Chicago Tribune reported that 37-year-old Miguel C. Luna of Joliet had been ordered to be deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2012, but that is not what happened. Instead, he was free to beat and rape women. This week in court, Judge David Carlson made sure he wasn’t going to be free for a long time to come.

“Luna pleaded guilty in May to beating and sexually assaulting two women who were running on the trail near Rockdale and Channahon in 2015 and 2016,” the Tribune reported. “Luna confessed to raping a third woman who has since died.”

Prosecutors believed the attacks were premeditated because Luna confessed, on tape, to concealing his identity by “wearing surgical gloves, concealing his face and using a shirt to wipe blood off a victim’s arm to remove fingerprints,” Fox News reported.

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“He did not want to be caught,” Will County Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Fillipitch said in court, according to Fox. “If anything, he’d become a more clever and crafty sexual predator if given the opportunity to do so.”

In court it was revealed that the horrific attacks against the women lasted approximately 90 minutes each.

Luna claimed in court he was a victim of sexual abuse himself, at the hands of family members, and was too poor to get proper help to recover from it.

Carlson didn’t buy it and stated, “Nothing gives you the right to impart that hurt, that pain, that damage to anybody else.”

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But Carlson didn’t stop there. He also addressed the fact that if Luna had actually been deported in 2012, he would not have been in the country to brutally attack and rape three innocent women. The judge’s comments were also a direct smack-down of liberal ideology:

But Carlson wasn’t done with the smack-down. He added: “One thing I can do with the sentence is show that the laws we believe in here, maybe this won’t happen again, maybe that’s a little bit of closure.”

Fox News reported that Carlson then slapped Luna with the maximum sentence allowed by law. Luna will serve 80 years in prison for his crimes.

Three more women have now paid the price of lacking immigration law enforcement. The list of victim names continues to grow and yet, there are those who refuse to see a problem. In fact, liberals want less, much less, in terms of immigration law enforcement.

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How many victims must there be before common sense will be applied? Solid border security and common sense immigration laws benefit everyone, both citizen and immigrant.

While citizens and those legally in the United States are negatively affected by criminals using loose immigration laws and lax enforcement to their advantage, they are not the only ones. Those who come here illegally are also put at risk and harmed by these same criminals.

Rape, murder, human trafficking — all part and parcel of illegal immigration. Discouraging illegal immigration and better enforcement of immigration law helps keep foreign nationals safe from the predators waiting to take advantage of their desperation.

True compassion does not enable and embolden predators, but protects those who would be their prey. True compassion can be best expressed for citizen and immigrant alike through better immigration laws and enforcement, along with a strong border wall and more border patrol units.

And while liberals like to make it appear to be a partisan issue, the safety and welfare of the innocent is not even remotely close to a partisan matter.

Anyone who truly believes in human rights can see the common sense in laws and enforcement that protect individuals from predators.

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