Julián Castro Thinks Our Border Is Secure as Ever... He Must Have Flunked History


Democrat presidential candidate Julián Castro — at this point a longshot to win the nomination — said Tuesday on MSNBC that America’s southern border is “as secure as it ever has been.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Velshi & Ruhle,” the former Obama administration secretary of Housing and Urban Development spewed several tired liberal talking points about the southern border and claimed Trump’s immigration policy “has failed.”

“If elected, you are calling for the breakup of ICE,” co-host Stephanie Ruhle said. “If ICE were to be broken up, how would you deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants already here and those who are crossing the border, the thousands who are crossing the border?”

“As you know, I was the first 2020 candidate to release a comprehensive immigration plan, and I have a completely different vision for how we’re going to do this than this president,” Castro replied. “I think what people on different sides of the aisle can acknowledge is that this president has failed.”

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Castro continued, saying, “He came in saying that he was going to take care of this ‘immigration problem,’ and he hasn’t. And in our name, little children have been separated from their mothers, people are in cages.”

Ruhle cut him off, asking the candidate, “So, what would you do?”

“What I would do is, number one, I would make sure that we maintain border security, and I believe that our border is as secure as it ever has been,” Castro said. “I would ensure that we maintain it.”

“But secondly, I would treat people with compassion and common sense and not with cruelty. I would make sure that we don’t separate families, that we don’t put people in cages, that we treat them like human beings.”

Do you think enough resources are currently being used to protect the southern border?

That’s an awful lot of talk from someone who seemingly knows so little about border security.

“Secure” doesn’t look like the cheap metal rods that currently exist on the border, nor does it look like a border-patrolling agency that lacks the resources and agents to do its job effectively.

The Mexican Border War, which started in 1910 and lasted nearly a decade, provides historic insight into what a secure border looks like.

During that conflict, the United States Army was deployed to multiple border towns to protect American lives and property.

As part of this effort, the Army also constructed a series of forts on the southern border.

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In 1916, after infamous Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico, nearly 5,000 American troops were sent to capture him.

Meanwhile, then-President Woodrow Wilson opted to mobilize 110,000 National Guardsmen to protect the border.

That’s real security, Mr. Castro.

And that should give us an idea of what’s required to keep illegal aliens out — many people and a deep pool of resources.

While the Mexican Border War is long over, a border war of sorts is still essentially being waged before our very eyes.

With migrants flooding into the U.S. from Central America, it’s time to stand strong and ensure that everyone who wants a piece of the American dream enters this great nation the right way.

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