In Just 10 Days, Hamas Has Fired a Monstrous Amount of Missiles Into Israel


The Israel Defense Forces divulged Wednesday that at least 4,000 rockets have been fired into Israeli cities over the past 10 days.

While Israel faces condemnation from regional neighbors, American politicians and the international media for its military responses to attacks against civilians from Hamas militants, the IDF shared a stunning fact on Twitter: Thousands of rockets have hit Israeli cities in barrages of unprovoked attacks against the Jewish state just this month.

Tragically, children on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been killed this month. But Israel’s military says it will not be deterred from its objective.

The IDF vowed that its mission to defend the country from terrorism would not be deterred.

“Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. 4,000 rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel in the last 10 days,” the IDF wrote.

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“We will continue to defend Israel,” the IDF account concluded.

In a video shared with the post, the IDF reminded social media of the true threat facing millions of innocent Israeli citizens.

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While the country’s “Iron Dome” defense system is capable of intercepting most Hamas-fired rockets, some of those rockets do land indiscriminately in the country — leading to civilian deaths.

Stunning images shared last week showed the impressive missile defense system at work. That system is capable of neutralizing up to 90 percent of rockets fired at Israeli citizens.

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But while Israeli missiles knock down a majority of rockets fired mostly from Gaza, a number of the projectiles have gotten through the system. As the IDF pointed out online this past week, rockets fired from Hamas do not discriminate with regard to who is targeted.

The Israeli response has been swift and unforgiving for those behind the attacks — while attempting to preserve innocent lives as Hamas uses civilians and children as human shields.

The latest IDF social media post shows that while the country faces attacks from militants within its borders, it also must wage an information war against those who are mostly unsympathetic to the embattled nation as it faces mounting attacks from Hamas terrorists.

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