Did Kamala Harris Wear a 'Racist' Outfit? Here's What Some People Think


In another comical example of the “woke” left eating its own, Vice President Kamala Harris is under fire for wearing what some online hecklers deemed a “racist” outfit.

The sartorial scandal erupted after an Instagram user criticized Harris for wearing clothes designed by luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, which has been accused of being racially insensitive in some of its marketing campaigns.

Vittoria Vignone runs the Instagram account “Kamala’s Closet,” which chronicles Harris’ fashion choices.

In an Instagram story posted to the account, Vignone noted that the California Democrat has often worn Dolce & Gabbana in the past and wondered if Harris was aware of D&G’s past controversial ad campaigns.

She also suggested that Harris was reneging on her promise to make “racial justice” a top priority because she doesn’t wear as many clothes made by American designers of color.

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“Was it an oversight on the part of her team?” Vignone wrote on the Instagram story, according to the Guardian on Tuesday.

“It’s possible but also incredibly sloppy. They could and should be better, especially after the triumphs of last week. The timing of this so soon after her inaugural choices championed lesser-known American designers of colour is awful no matter how you look at it.”

One of Vignone’s Instagram followers chimed in by commenting on a post showing Harris wearing a pair of D&G trousers: “Someone seriously needs to tell her team about Dolce and their problematic issues with race. I’m stunned she would wear them.”

Still another commenter said she wished someone would tell Harris to “stop wearing problematic D&G,” according to The Independent.

Do you think Kamala Harris' outfit was racist?

One of the so-called “racist” Dolce & Gabbana ads was a benign 2018 video showing a Chinese woman trying to eat Italian foods like pizza, spaghetti and cannoli with chopsticks, Breitbart reported.

In 2012, D&G was slammed after a model walked a runway show wearing blackamoor earrings. Some have accused blackamoor art of being racist, citing its alleged association with colonialism.

Vignone claimed she received many messages and comments about her D&G Instagram post.

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“So many people shared my thoughts by saying I articulated something they felt themselves but couldn’t put into words,” she told the Guardian.

Vignone said Harris is being tone-deaf for wearing expensive clothes at a time when many Americans are suffering financially because of the extended coronavirus shutdowns.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for Kamala to wear so many new expensive items during her first week in office,” Vignone said.

“I also don’t think she should be wearing non-American designers, especially when there are so many American brands to choose from … she and her team should care about the impact her choices have. For example she could lift up a smaller or more affordable business instantly.”

Ever since Harris was a junior senator in 2017, the establishment media has fawned over her — even going as far as excusing her family’s history of slave ownership.

So it’s no surprise that they’re continuing the cloying pandering now that she has been installed as vice president.

Ironically, when we had a former model in the White House, the fashion industry all but ignored her except to level petty criticisms at her.

Despite the nonstop vitriol of the past four years, Melania Trump left the White House the same way she came in: With style and class.

That’s a lot more than some Harris critics could say about her.

Harris might want to be more mindful of her fashion choices — the “woke” left may just come for her next.

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