Law Student Faces Possible Expulsion for Saying Women Have Vaginas


A female law student at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, is facing expulsion for stating the scientific fact that women have vaginas and are generally not as physically strong as men.

The brouhaha erupted during a video class on “gender feminism and the law” while students were discussing the appropriateness of a man who identifies as female fighting women in mixed-martial arts bouts, according to The Times of London.

Lisa Keogh, a 29-year-old mom of two and aspiring human-rights attorney, expressed concerns about the fairness of such a fight.

She noted that the transgender athlete would have an advantage over his female opponents because he was born with testosterone, which generally makes men bigger and stronger than women.

“I made the point that this woman had testosterone in her body for 32 years and, as such, would be genetically stronger than your average woman,” Keogh said, according to The Times.

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“I wasn’t being mean, transphobic or offensive. I was stating a basic biological fact. I previously worked as a mechanic and when I was in the workshop there were some heavy things that I just couldn’t lift, but male colleagues could.”

She also noted that women are born with female genitalia and that “the difference in physical strength of men versus women is a fact,” The Times reported.

That’s when the teacher muted Keogh, she said.

At another point in the class discussion, a student suggested that all men are dangerous rapists and several classmates agreed. Keogh objected, calling them “man-hating feminists.”

Should Keogh be expelled over her comments?

She said she made the remark in response to being verbally abused and bullied by several of her classmates, who smeared her as a “typical white, cis girl.”

“I didn’t deny saying these things and told the university exactly why I did so,” Keogh explained. “I didn’t intend to be offensive but I did take part in a debate and outlined my sincerely held views. I was abused and called names by the other students, who told me I was a ‘typical white, cis girl.’”

Shortly after the class, she was informed via email that several of her younger classmates had complained and accused her of being transphobic and offensive.

The mom of two doesn’t understand why the university has no issue with several classmates ganging up to verbally abuse her but she’s being penalized for asserting biological facts.

“You have got to be able to freely exchange differing opinions, otherwise it’s not a debate,” Keogh said.

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Abertay University has since launched a formal investigation into her conduct, which could result in expulsion.

Keogh, who’s in her final year of law school, is worried that being censured or expelled could end her career as a human-rights attorney before it even begins.

“I don’t come from a legal background and have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am,” she said. “I’m worried that my chance of becoming a lawyer, and making a positive contribution, could be ended just because some people were offended.”

When she first received the email alerting her that the university had launched a formal investigation into her statements, Keogh was shocked.

“I thought it was a joke,” she recalled. “I thought there was no way that the university would pursue me for utilizing my legal right to freedom of speech.”

Abertay University defines misconduct as “using offensive language” or “discriminating against gender reassignment,” according to The Times. Expulsion is one possible punishment for such an offense.

Keogh believes her younger classmates’ complaints spotlight the generational chasm stoked by today’s toxic radical wokeness.

“Those girls fresh out of high school who accused me are training to be lawyers,” she said. “There are no trigger warnings in a courtroom. The judge isn’t going to whisper softly or excuse them from listening to things they might not want to hear.”

Keogh’s attorney is Joanna Cherry, a member of the Scottish Parliament. Cherry, who slammed the entire incident as farcical, told the university that Keogh has rights as a student that are protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Ms. Keogh is being subjected to a disciplinary procedure in which the ultimate sanction is expulsion, for stating opinions based on biological fact and objecting to sweeping statements such as ‘all men are rapists,'” Cherry said, according to The Times.

Keogh’s concerns about the innate unfairness of transgender athletes fighting women in combat sports are based in reality.

In 2014, Fallon Fox, a transgender mixed-martial arts fighter, broke his female opponent’s skull during a bout.

The issue of transgenders competing as females has rightfully ignited criticism from skeptics because it’s unfair for men who identify as female to compete against women.

Former MMA commentator Joe Rogan said allowing men to beat up women in combat sports is akin to sanctioned domestic violence.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a physician, said the notion is misogynistic and anti-science. “Some boy who’s 6-foot-2 competing against my 5-foot-4 niece doesn’t sound very fair,” he said.

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