Lawyer Keeps Seeing Restaurant Waiter Take Bus Home, Knows What God Wants Him to Do


We all have experienced that feeling in our heart when we know we must do something. It’s almost as if there is a confirmation in our soul of what we are supposed to do.

Edward Pollard, an attorney, recently experienced that same feeling. It all started at Texas restaurant Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks.

Being across the street from his law office, Pollard frequents the restaurant.

But he always has one request: to be waited on by James Booker, a kind man who takes pride in his work.

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“He is always extremely polite and conversational,” said Pollard, “the kind of person who instantly can put a smile on your face.”

However, Pollard began to get a closer glimpse into his favorite waiter’s life. Many times on his drive home from work, he would see Booker, the kind server, walking t o or sitting at the bus stop.

Whether it was in the blazing heat of the summer months or the cold, bitter winter weather, Booker was always there after a long day of work. Yet despite his circumstance, he continued to keep his joyful spirit while serving Pollard and others at the restaurant.

Seeing what the deserving waiter had to go through, Pollard was moved and he knew what God wanted him to do.

“Over Christmas break, when you spend time with your family and you start to reflect on things, I started to realize I have so much that I don’t really need,” he said.

Pollard had been blessed with an extra car he only used if needed for emergencies, and decided it should go to someone who needed it most. “For Christmas God has placed on my heart that I should give my extra car to this gentleman,” he said.

So, on the day after Christmas, he showed up to give Booker the surprise of a lifetime.

Booker was completely stunned, to say the least, and completely overwhelmed that this car was now his.

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“You deserve it man,” Pollard told the shaken waiter. “You always treat us so well when we come in here and I really appreciate that.”

The compassionate attorney even got the car detailed “like new” and running in great shape.

“I knew if I was going to present the car to him that it needed to be as perfect as could be,” Pollard recalled.

The sincere kindness of one waiter returned to him ten-fold, leaving him both humbled and utterly grateful for the blessings he received. “It’s only the grace of God,” Booker said, “only.”

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Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
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