Leftist Harvard Grad Weeps After Losing Job for Vowing to Stab Anyone Saying 'All Lives Matter'


Cancel culture is one of the most powerful weapons the social justice mob has at its disposal.

That makes it all the more sweet when cancel culture comes back to bite them.

Last week, Harvard graduate Claira Janover, who had gone viral for threatening to stab anyone who says “all lives matter,” posted multiple videos crying about losing her job and getting death threats.

In Janover’s first video, posted on July 1, she cried about losing her job and blamed Trump supporters for getting her fired and sending her “hate messages, death threats and violent messages.”


Your scare tactics won’t work on me. always and forever, #blacklivesmatter

♬ original sound – cjanover

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Janover implied she was fired for her support of Black Lives Matter, claiming her employer had let her go “even though they claim to stand against systematic bias, racism and unequal treatment.”

What she seems to be missing is that threatening to stab people who don’t agree with her definitely qualifies as discrimination and “unequal treatment.”


#deloitte I am on the right side of history. #blacklivesmatter

♬ original sound – cjanover

“I’m too strong for any of you All Lives Matter, racist Trump supporters,” Janover said while weeping in a subsequent video posted later that day.

Do you feel sorry for Janover?

Janover, who graduated from Harvard in May with a degree in government and psychology, reportedly lost her position as an “incoming government and public business service analyst” at Deloitte, a UK-based accounting firm, according to the New York Post.

After her firing, a friend of Janover’s started a GoFundMe page in her honor.

Not only did Janover go to Harvard; the page has raised over $10,000.

Talk about privilege.

Janover’s original video that led to her firing used an especially heinous violent analogy.

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“The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled cau-cacity to say ‘all lives matter,’ I’m a stab you, I’m a stab you,” Janover said.

“And while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’m a show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters, too.’ “

If a conservative male had said the reverse, mocking the BLM movement for its proven falsities by threatening to stab anyone who says Black Lives Matter, every major media outlet would be playing the clip, decrying racist actions.

Janover and her friends likely would be filming their own videos demanding that he lose his job.

Maybe, one day, she’ll see her own hypocrisy.

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