Lewinsky Shares New Details of Clinton Trysts. How He Manipulated Her, How Sec. Covered for Him


It may be two decades since the Monica Lewinsky scandal became national news, but shock-waves from the affair which marred Bill Clinton’s presidency continue to impact politics today.

By now, of course, it’s common knowledge that Clinton lied under oath about a lengthy sexual relationship with the young White House intern. Far from being old news, however, the scandal is still important in 2018 — especially with regard to Brett Kavanaugh, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, The New York Post published new details of the Clinton-Lewinksy scandal. Much of the information comes from an upcoming A&E television miniseries aptly titled “The Clinton Affair,” which includes new Lewinksy interviews and is set to debut on Nov. 18.

While some of the details are sexually salacious and won’t be repeated here, other parts reveal information that needs to be seen by all Americans: Mainly, how Clinton seemed to manipulate the young Lewinsky for his sick pleasure and how Democrat staff members covered for the president to let his twisted games continue.

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Clinton’s staff participation in enticing the young intern and allowing the affair to continue is particularly alarming, especially in the “#MeToo” era.

The Post quoted Lewinksy recalling how the Democratic president used gifts to seemingly “reward” her for sex acts.

“He said he had a present for me. I didn’t quite know — would I get to see him alone? Wouldn’t I?” Lewinsky said about a 1997 rendezvous with the Clinton in the White House.

“As I went through to shake his hand after and take a picture with him, he said, ‘Oh, go see Betty, she has something for you,’” the now 45-year-old former intern recalled.

The Post explained that “Betty” is Betty Currie, Clinton’s personal secretary who worked closely with him in and around the Oval Office.

That’s important, because Lewinksy admitted that Currie — a key female staff member — not only kept silent about what was happening, but actively worked to run cover for Clinton’s sexual deviancy.

“She brought me into the Oval Office and all three of us went into the back study, and she went into the dining room to hide there,” Lewinsky said. “Because the illusion to everyone else was that I was not alone with him.”

Yes, White House staff were apparently actively lying and covering to create an “illusion” that nothing was happening, when of course it was.

Even left-leaning Time Magazine pointed this out back in 1998. “When it comes to women, Clinton has had a lifetime of enablers—not just the friends who egged him on but also the ones who helped him sidestep accusations,” the magazine wrote.

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“If it takes a village to raise a child, maybe it takes a circle of complicit friends to help a grown man go on acting like a teenager,” continued the magazine at the time.

And then first lady Hillary Clinton? She was busy blaming the entire sordid scandal not on her husband, but — you guessed it — on Republicans.

[The Lewinksy scandal is a] vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced [his run] for president,” she declared in a Today Show interview.

Her Today Show interviewer? Staunch liberal and Clinton ally Matt Lauer, who ended up being pushed out of television in disgrace after numerous accusations of sexual harassment against him. “Circle of complicit friends,” indeed.

All of this boils down to one conclusion: Liberals constantly try to claim a moral high ground, but have appalling records of enabling and excusing inappropriate and manipulative sexual behavior whenever it suits their side.

How absolutely sanctimonious, for instance, was it for Hillary Clinton to lecture voters in 2016 about how Americans could never “explain” to their children Donald Trump’s hot mic comments about willing women?

It never dawned on her that countless Americans had to “explain” her husband’s disgusting actions when they became public, all because he couldn’t keep his pants up and everyone around him — almost certainly including her — excused and covered for him.

It was a similar story with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats squawked and lectured about how we needed to “believe all women,” despite zero corroborating evidence and witnesses who confirmed Kavanaugh’s denial of decades-old, unproven accusations.

Where were they when numerous women accused Bill Clinton of everything from Oval Office groping to actual rape, all while his own staff members protected him?

Twenty years after the Lewinksy scandal, it’s important to remember its key lessons. The Clinton’s are documented liars, and their liberal allies gleefully distort the truth when it serves their purposes.

Power corrupting men and, yes, women is not surprising. What’s surprising is that they keep thinking they can get away with it.

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