Liberal University Refuses Judicial Case After White Student Cries Racism


A North Carolina university bias team declined a white student’s request to start a judicial case after he got called a “mayonnaise monster lookin a–,” according to a Monday report.

Wake Forest University’s bias response team, which investigates identity-based harassment at the school, declined to press charges against students who called student Ryan Wolfe a “mayonnaise monster lookin a–” and photoshopped his face onto a cracker, reported The Wake Forest Review.

The students engaged in the racially charged attacks before, during, and after Wolfe’s participation in a conservative panel at the school.

When Wolfe told student Brianna Reddick that her Twitter mentions were not a safe space, Reddick responded, “If you don’t GET your mayonnaise monster lookin a– OUT my mentions.”

Student Charlotte Van Schenck targeted Wolfe and three other conservative students who appeared on a panel by posting a picture of four crackers and saying “loving the lineup!”

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Reddick presented Wolfe with a box of crackers after the panel and tweeted about it later. “Today I handed the saltiest Republican a box of saltine crackers,” Reddick tweeted.

Wake Forest dean of students Adam Goldstein rationalized the students’ racially charged attacks on Wolfe by saying that President Donald Trump had won the election, according to Wolfe.

When Wolfe told Goldstein the incidents occurred before Trump’s victory, the administrator apparently said, “That’s good to know,” Wolfe told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“I support the free speech rights of students,” Wolfe told The Wake Forest Review.

“But in this case, I wanted to see if the school would enforce their rules surrounding verbal and abuse equally regardless of who was involved in the case. I knew that similar rhetoric about the identity of other groups would not be tolerated.”

The university denied Wolfe’s request to press charges against the students targeting him and instead told the conservative student that his harassers would be asked, “Is this the community you want to live in?” at an LGBTQ Center meeting.

“I’ve enjoyed my years at Wake Forest and learned a lot during my time here,” Wolfe told TheDCNF.

“Unfortunately, one of the things I’ve learned is to not trust University bureaucrats to pursue ‘blind justice’ when enforcing policies. If this is what social justice looks like in practice, we cannot let this ideology infect our judicial system.”

TheDCNF reached out to Wake Forest for comment, but received none in time for press.

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Wake Forest University has previously demonstrated bias by promising to continue granting financial aid to illegal alien students.

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