Limping Stray Dog Has Lived on Street for 7 Years, Until Moment Rescuers Arrive


Most people with a shred of compassion within them will be troubled when they see a homeless animal. Many will attempt to coax the animal to come with them and then try to find its owners.

That compassion intensifies when an animal is not only homeless, but disabled.

Bianca, a sweet fluffy pup, used to belong to a bar owner. Unfortunately, when the bar closed down, she was simply left behind.

For 7 years, she lived as a stray on the streets. Well-meaning strangers kept her fed, but as she grew older, her health declined.

Bianca was probably born at a puppy mill where she was a product of years of inbreeding. Because of this, she had a condition called Degenerative myelopathy.

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The disease caused her limbs to go numb and over the months she spent outside, it only got worse. Eventually, she was forced to drag her legs to get around, causing painful wounds to open up at her knees.

Finally, someone notified SPAZ, a Greek animal rescue group, about Bianca.

They were happy to help as much as they could but with her large size and worsening paralysis, it would be difficult to find her a place to go.

Bianca was a very fortunate dog. A woman stepped up to foster her, and for the first time in years Bianca had a home.

With help from the rescuers, she would be given medical attention and taught how to use a doggy wheelchair. There would be no more living on the streets for her.

Unfortunately, after only a couple months of living indoors, Bianca passed away. Her organs gave in and her body was just not able to support her any longer.

She was able to live out the last weeks of her life in a loving home just like she deserved, which is far better than the fate of many stray dogs who waste away outside or are treated inhumanely.

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“She lost the movement in her back legs and despite offering her a soft spot and cushion we couldn’t do anything more,” the SPAZ organization updated on Facebook.

“She lost control of her bladder and bowel. Her lungs and heart gave up. Look up and you will find her, she is the star that shines brighter of all…”

SPAZ continues to save animals all over Greece, providing them with new lives, families, and comfortable homes.

No animal deserves to be mistreated, and they are helping put a stop to cases like Bianca’s.

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