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Little Boy Can't Believe Painting He Bought for $2 is Worth Nearly $1,500


A lot of people enjoy buying paintings at estate sales and auctions. Most times, people purchase these treasures to add to their current collection.

Other times, they may actually be trying to find pieces to make money off of themselves. They buy the artwork for low and resell it for higher.

It’s the game of being a really profitable art collector. Not everyone has a keen eye for finding paintings that may be worth a lot of money, but surprisingly, one New Jersey boy definitely has the gift.

In a 2014 episode of Antiques Roadshow, the young kid anonymously sat down at the appraisal table with David Weiss.

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He was discussing a painting he had just bought for $2 at an auction. The boy said he and his dad were there at the event when the painting caught his eye.

At first, it was hard to see the image since it was protected by a UV glass. His dad was hesitant to wait to buy the painting, but the boy was persistent.

“It was so hot there, my dad didn’t want to stay to get it, but I wanted to, so we waited an hour or so,” he said. “We got it for two bucks.”

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For some odd reason, he felt the urge to have the portrait. Come to find out, the piece was actually worth way more than he ever imagined.

Weiss informed the boy that his new finding — which displayed a mother and her child —  dated back to 1844.

According to the 19th-century watercolor and bottom-right corner signature, Dutch painter Albert Neuhuys was the original owner.

When asked how much he thought the painting would price for in an auction, the boy made a reasonable guess of $150.

But he was in for a surprise. “I think it’s worth $150,” Weiss responded. “I think it’s worth more than $150.”

“Today, if your Albert Neuhuys watercolor came to an auction, it would probably sell for between $1,000 and $1,500,” he continued.

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To be exact, the painting was worth $1,498. And the second he heard this, the boy was visibly shocked.

As an aspiring art dealer, he thought he had hit the jackpot. “Wow,” he said. “I think I’m going to be rich.”

The young boy’s wealth may have been small, but with his business mindset, he was certainly on the road to riches. Like one commenter suggested: “A great future if he’s wise about investing.”

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