Little Dog Finds Baby Bird Frozen in Snow. Owner Gets Idea, Grabs Bowl & Blow Dryer


All god’s creatures deserve a good life. I don’t know where I have heard that before, but it echos in my head as something close to my grandmother’s voice.

Like many people growing up, I had to rescue my share of wounded birds from our cat. More often than not, my rescue came too late.

I do remember one bird my sister and I tried to nurse back to health. We fed it water and kept a lamp on it to keep it warm.

Despite our attempts, after a few days the bird gave in to his wounds.

When Lily the dog found a frozen bird, her human, Crystal Kelly, didn’t know what to do.

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Her immediate response was to keep Lily away. While Lily was not treating the bird aggressively in the video, she was understandable curious.

“My yorkie helped me find this bird, as you can see she was very sweet to it and I was so afraid she would start hurting it so I got a little panicked lol My sweet Lily. Yorkies are the best.” Kelley said in a Yorkies Facebook group.

Thinking quickly, the woman scooped the bird into a bowl and covered it with a towel.

Realizing she needed to get the bird warm and the ice melted, her thoughts turned to her hair dryer.

In the video you can hear her lament that her hair dryer could not reach the bird.

Instead, she brought the bird to her back porch where the hair dryer’s cord would allow it to reach.

Gently, she used the dryer to melt the ice. Slowly, you can see the bird start to come back from the icy brink.

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Eventually, the bird is able to walk and turns to let her melt the ice from his back.

Without warning, the bird decides it’s recovered and leaps into the sky.

It is a sight to behold as the recovered bird disappears into the distance. I hope those tiny wings are taking it to someplace warm and dry.

If you or anyone you know finds a wounded animal, a quick Google search should provide local resources. Always contact trained professionals when assisting a wounded animal.

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