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Little Girl Creates Special Curtain So She Can Hug Her Grandparents

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Quarantine has given some people a little extra time to dabble in new hobbies or develop skills they haven’t been able to focus on in a while.

For some, that means reading more, trying new recipes, getting more fresh air than ever before and generally taking a step back from the rat race.

For a young lady named Paige from Riverside, California, it meant creating a safe way to give her grandparents a hug: simple, pure, heartwarming.

While Paige — who is 10, according to WABC-TV — didn’t come up with the idea herself, the execution was all hers.

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According to her mother, Lindsay, she did all the hours of work herself using disposable plates, plastic bags, a shower curtain, and a hot glue gun.

“Paige saw a video of someone who made this type of ‘blanket’ to hug their family,” Linsday shared on Facebook. “She put together a list and she designed it so she could hug nana and papa.”

“[T]his girl is so freaking amazing and we were so happy to be able to hug them!!”

The hug curtain allowed grandma and grandpa to safely reach their arms through to her side, and for Paige to reach her arms through to their side so they could wrap their arms around each other.

Another family recently went viral for their own “protective hug blanket.”

“It was my wife’s idea that I didn’t support in the beginning, it was just a crazy idea,” Paul Ayoub from Conway, Arkansas, told THV 11.

The idea sprang from the fact that Ayoub’s sister-in-law was having a baby soon, and they wouldn’t get to see her due to the virus precautions. But perhaps, if there were some way to create a safe way to give hugs …

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“My wife bought jumbo size bags, gallon size bags, and those are the armholes,” Ayoub explained.

The contraption was a hit, and Ayoub’s wife was vindicated when the video went viral on TikTok.

“It exploded and I got an ‘I told you’ so from my wife,” he admitted. “Rightfully so, she was like, ‘I just made you TikTok famous.'”

“I think people are missing things that we take for granted, like little things like a hug. In a time where things seem helpless and scary, people gravitated towards it.”

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