Malpractice? Appears Ford's Attorneys May Have Misled Her About Testimony


Thursday’s nationally televised examination of Christine Blasey Ford, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, had many strange moments, but one in particular stood out.

Around the same time during the Senate hearing that Ford admitted she had been dishonest about being unable to fly to Washington to face the Senate Judiciary Committee, another startling revelation was exposed.

It seems that even though senators offered to travel to Blasey Ford’s home state of California to meet with her, the anti-Kavanaugh accuser was completely unaware of this possibility … and either Democrats or the woman’s own attorneys may have never told her this was an option.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, had publicly extended an offer for an inquiry into the Palo Alto University professor’s claims to take place near her home location, which would eliminate the need for her to fly across the country — something that she said was difficult because of an apparently non-existent fear of flying.

But strangely, Ford seemed surprised when she was reminded of the offer, and her attorneys quickly pushed themselves in front of the microphone to stop her from talking about it.

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“Dr. Ford now saying it wasn’t clear to her that Grassley was willing to send staff to California so she didn’t have to fly,” wrote journalist Katie Pavlich on Twitter. “When asked to explain, her attorneys (Democrat operatives) cut in a cited privilege.”

“It appears her attorneys may have never told Dr. Ford about the offer from Grassley,” the reporter continued.

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Other observers came to the same conclusion as the scene unfolded.

“Mitchell: Were you even told that the Senate Judiciary Committee offered to fly out to your home to meet you?” summarized Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist.

“Ford’s attorney (who also represents Andrew McCabe): <grabs microphone> She doesn’t have to answer that,” he continued.

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The head-scratching exchange brings up a very serious question: What if Ford was purposely kept in the dark about the offer for investigators to come to her, as some sort of delaying tactic?

“Did Ford’s attorney kept it from her that Grassley offered to send committee staff out to question her in California?” asked Tim Carney, a journalist with The Washington Examiner.

Generally, attorneys are obligated to communicate key offers to their clients, and could be guilty of malpractice if they withhold important information.

More details about this question are definitely needed, but the almost panicked way that Ford’s lawyers grabbed the microphone and cut her off before this line of questioning could continue is strange, if not downright suspicious.

Between this exchange and the admission that flying to Washington was never actually a problem, it is almost certain that Democrats pulled out all the stops to delay, and thereby derail, Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

These kinds of underhanded tactics are exactly what the American people are fed up with … and the left has a lot of explaining to do.

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