Report: Man Bloodied After Another Antifa Thug Uses Bike Lock in Sneak Attack


Liberal “tolerance” is looking remarkably violent, at least based on recent reports about a violent “antifa” incident.

Over the weekend, a disturbing assault reportedly left a right-leaning man with a bloody head wound after he was attacked during the “Day for Freedom” in London.

That event was intended as a pro-free speech rally, with famous conservatives including Milo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Southern appearing to speak. Where there are young conservatives, however, there is increasingly an “antifa” presence, and it looks like one antifa activist wasn’t there to be peaceful.

Warning: The image below, though pixelated, still contains some blood and may disturb some viewers.

“#DayForFreedom Tonight outside the pub, a member of the extremist far left antifa ambushed a man from behind with a bike lock. Cracked his skull, blood everywhere. Police are investigating,” posted a Twitter user with the handle “TheArtAnon.”

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“Tonight’s Antifa attack was an ambush. Guy got jumped with a bike lock from behind,” that observer continued. “(Charlie Nash) and others provide testimonies, pictures of the scene and the victim.”

(For a clearer image of the man’s injuries, you can click here.)

Other people who were on scene, including Breitbart journalist Charlie Nash, confirmed the attack. “At a pub, ANTIFA just bike-locked a guy’s head. His head is dripping with blood. This is how they treat peaceful people just trying to have a drink,” Nash reported.

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Nash also shared a police report of the crime, which did not mention the antifa group by name but did confirm eyewitness details about what happened.

It isn’t the first time that antifa, a radical far-left group that claims to “oppose facism” while labeling most conservatives as Nazis, has resorted to violence. They have previously swarmed conservative groups such as Patriot Prayer, often wearing face-covering balaclavas and carrying makeshift weapons.

In one incident, a right-leaning figure was assaulted with pepper spray as he tried to peacefully speak. It turns out that antifa is remarkably fascist after all.

That, perhaps, is one of the great lessons of history: Totalitarians and collectivists often shield themselves by pretending to be forces for good, while simultaneously condoning individual-crushing systems and repeated violence on others.

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The National Socialist German Workers’ Party — Nazis — promised prosperity if only people would submit to a centralized government with immense power. People served that government, not the other way around … and anyone considered a threat to that all-powerful government was quickly silenced.

Communism and socialism, similarly, guaranteed paradise as long as people abandoned fundamental human nature in the name of fairness. Of course, a vastly powerful centralized government needed to oversee that “fairness,” and those at the top quickly terrorized and murdered those at the bottom using the violent Stasi as enforcers.

The march of history has always been about violent collectivism versus free-thinking individuals. Groups like antifa may try their hardest to impose collectivist thinking today, but liberty, free speech and individualism will always prevail.

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