Man Builds Winter Obstacle Course in Backyard for His Tiny Pup


Temperatures throughout the north and east have been dangerously low. It’s caught humans and animals off guard and sometimes left them fighting for their lives.

In Alberta, the Canadian province, the past week has seen temperatures between -13 and 35 degrees. The region has also gotten a good deal of snow fall.

Sidewalks and roadways are often maintained by shovels and plows to ensure that people can maneuver through the harsh conditions.

Backyards are usually left covered in snow until it melts.

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Logistically, there isn’t much to do with it otherwise.

Therefore, unless you have children who enjoy a good romp in the snow, snow-covered backyards can be left unused for months.

Winter can be a difficult season for dog owners in snowy regions. The frigid weather makes venturing out for normal walks unbearable.

Unfortunately, our four-legged fur-covered companions can’t understand our distaste for battling frigid elements. They still need access to regular exercise.

Linus, a small dog who lives in Calgary, Canada, has a creative and loving owner.

Now Linus can get all the exercise he wants while his owner stays warm inside.

Capitalizing on the multiple inches of snow in the backyard, Linus’s owner designed and built an agility course for the beloved pooch.

The course was complete with tunnels to run through and mounds for jumping.

In a video originally posted by Linus’s owner, Linus impressively completes the course in 13 seconds. He then returned to his owner wagging an excited tail.

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The labor of love is pure genius. When dogs are deprived of the exercise and physical engagement necessary for their optimum health, they tend to get restless and destructive.

Utilizing Mother Nature to create access for adequate physical activity is a happy compromise.

Linus’s owner is protected from the elements, and Linus has a private playground to practice all his previous agility training.

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