Man Couldn't Afford Chemo, Then He Got a Letter From Trump


Opponents of President Donald Trump and of conservatives in general try desperately to portray the right as cartoon villains: Greedy, self-centered, and probably wearing a monocle while twirling a mustache, too.

Of course, reality rarely matches the liberal narrative. Last year, Donald Trump defied the media stereotypes with a generous gift to help a person with advancing cancer… and on Friday, that now-healthy man got the chance to thank the president personally.

Don Bouvet had bladder cancer a year ago, and was struggling to cover his healthcare deductible and other medical expenses. The man’s 24-year-old son, Shane Bouvet, once worked as a volunteer on Trump’s campaign while also working his day job as a FedEx delivery man.

After Donald Trump met the younger Bouvet and found out about the family’s struggles, he made a promise to help them out — and he delivered. In January of 2017, Shane Bouvet received a $10,000 check from the president’s personal account, along with a note:

“Shane — You are a great guy — thanks for all of your help,” Donald Trump wrote.

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Every dollar of that gift reportedly went to help Shane’s father get the medical treatment he needed. According to NBC News, the elder Don Bouvet had an opportunity to meet President Trump earlier this month, and he made no effort to hide how powerful Trump’s gift had been.

“The president saved my life,” Don Bouvet, after being invited to the Oval Office. “And I told him that.”

$10,000 may not be a world-changing amount of money, but it was certainly life-altering for this family.

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“Last year, Bouvet said he couldn’t afford the chemotherapy he needed to treat his bladder cancer,” explained NBC. “But more than a year after Trump gave his family $10,000, Bouvet says he’s cancer-free.”

The president pointed out that the younger Bouvet wasn’t obligated to give all of the money to his father — after all, it was his check — but praised the son for making that choice.

“You didn’t have anything,” Trump said to Shane Bouvet. “And you gave all of it. … That’s an incredible son.”

Don Bouvet said that he was deeply moved by the visit to the White House.

“It’s very emotional because … one day I wanted to come here, or meet you somewhere, shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say, ‘Thank you for saving my life,'” Don Bouvet said to President Trump. “And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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The president was apparently so moved by how genuine the father and son were that he cut another check on the spot as a second surprise gift, this time for $5,000. Now that Mr. Bouvet is cancer-free, perhaps he and his son can do something enjoyable with the money and spend quality time together.

As before, the president didn’t touch public money to make the gesture, but took it out of his own pocket.

Taking the time to listen, making someone feel important, keeping his word to help and — to top it all off — inviting the father to the Oval Office a year later says a lot about the kind of person Donald Trump truly is.

The president is without a doubt a complex and often controversial figure, but it’s important to remember that he is a human being, as well.

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