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Man Creates Hilarious Signs That Leaves Entire Community Rolling with Laughter


As we trudge along in the well-worn circles of existence that we’ve made for ourselves in this life, the world can start to look the same. As we drive by the same buildings and scenery day in and day out, not much seems to change.

This is why you tune things out when you drive. Ever get in your car, then realize you’re home and you never really paid attention to how you got there? Autopilot mode. It happens.

But sometimes there are bits of humor along the way if we just keep our eyes open.

Some people have taken to posting punny things in familiar places to bring people a bit of joy during their humdrum days.

Vince Rozmiarek lives in Indian Hills, Colorado. It’s a place that has recently gained notoriety because of Rozmiarek’s humor.

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It all started five years ago on April Fool’s Day. Rozmiarek decided to have some fun with the Indian Hills roadside sign and whipped up a winner. He played on the well-known fact that the Morrison Police often set up speed traps in the area.

“Indian Hills annexed by Morrison. Slow down.”

Rozmiarek got a big response and decided to keep updating the sign.

“Because of the attention that got, I decided just to start from throwing puns and phrases, anything funny that would catch your eye, I started throwing it on the board,” he said, according to Colorado Public Radio. “I really have a lot of fun with it.”

“Dijon vu, the same mustard as before,” “I call my horse Mayo, and sometimes Mayo neighs,” and “The only thing flat-earthers have to fear is sphere itself” are all notable. But he’s gone through a lot.

“Santa goes down the chimney because it soots him.”

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“Spiders and snakes are a vital part of the eek-osystem.”

“For chemists alcohol is not a problem it’s a solution.”

“For the most part I wanted to make sure I was putting up fresh things that people hadn’t seen before, and something they’ll remember,” he said. “Whether good or bad, or a groan.”

Thanks to some of his local fans, his signs have amused more than the residents. He’s been featured in magazines and pictures of his handiwork are all over the internet. Have you seen any signs like this before?

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