Man Learns to Drive at Age 79 for Heartfelt Reason after Wife Drove Him for 58 Years


Do you remember taking your driver’s test at 16? Do you remember acing your parallel park, then driving alone for the first time to enjoy the freedom of the road?

This has been a real coming of age moment for many of us. However, not everyone has shared in this experience—whether by choice or circumstance.

Keith Limbert, a 79-year-old man from West Yorkshire, was one of the few who could not relate to this nostalgia.

He had previously attempted driving when he was 25, but said it wasn’t for him. “I never fancied it to be honest,” he said. “I never took to it at all.”

Since then, his loving wife of 58 years, Anne, had always driven him around. He hadn’t realized how good he had it until Anne’s health took a turn for the worse.

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After she had a stroke in 2015, she could no longer drive, having been confined to a wheelchair. For a while, the couple were basically shut-ins, relying on others to provide their transportation.

Annoyed with sitting at home, and committed to caring for his wife, Limbert decided it was time to put his foot on the accelerator. This goal became especially compelling when Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2016.

Although he had to put off his driving pursuits to be Anne’s full-time caregiver, he got behind the wheel again last year.

With the help of a “brilliant instructor,” named Andy Walker, Limbert persevered through ten months of intensive training to pass his driving exam.

Although he failed his first two attempts (the first time for speeding, the second time for taking a wrong turn), he succeeded on his third try.

Limbert said of the experience, “I was quite annoyed because it was money I didn’t really have, but thankfully I passed in the end.”

Would you do something like this for your significant other?

Unfortunately, his wife’s condition requires regular trips to and from the hospital. However, his trips are not purely practical.

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He tries to bring his wife out every day, going “anywhere where life is going on.” On a normal day, he will take himself to the gym, then bring his wife out for “a coffee and a scone.”

Others are astounded by his achievement, although Limbert doesn’t consider it out of the ordinary. “I don’t feel like I am 79 at all,” Limbert says.

Now, the couple are able to live a comfortable life thanks to this new freedom. More importantly, this achievement allows the Limberts to better preserve through their current struggles.

We wish Anne success in her second battle with breast cancer and hope that Limbert maintains this youthful spirit throughout the rest of his fulfilling life—as we should aspire to do the same.

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