'Romeo and Juliet' Ballet Ends in Tears of Joy When Romeo Gets Down on Knee


Ever since its premiere over 400 years ago, “Romeo and Juliet” has captivated audiences with its memorable story of young love.

It has since cemented itself as a staple in secondary school English literature courses.

Some consider it the pinnacle of romantic storytelling, idolizing its representation of pure love. Others consider it a commentary on the foolishness of children, and the flaws of young love.

Regardless of your reading, it is hard to dispute its importance in the love-story canon.

Its story has been adapted countless times over the centuries, culminating in Oscar-winning pictures such as “Shakespeare in Love” and “West Side Story.”

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It has also been adapted for the ballet stage. The latest production of which featured a unique alternate ending following the final bows.

During the last weekend in January, Nikolay Maltsev and Ksenia Zakharova performed “Romeo and Juliet” at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia.

However, the two were not only star-crossed lovers on stage, but also a couple in real life.

During the applause, Maltsev briefly snuck behind the curtain to emerge for the final bow. As Zakharova curtsied one last time, she seemed initially confused to see her partner still down on one knee.

Maltsev then revealed the ring and proposed to his Juliet on stage — in front of 1,800 fans. As Maltsev posed perfectly and asked for her hand, Zakharova defaulted to an expression of surprise common to many engagement photos.

Zakharova responded yes and hugged her new fiancé while impressively balancing on her tippy toes.

The video below documents the proposal, as well as the celebratory hugs and kisses given by the rest of the company afterwards.

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It was a beautiful moment to witness, making the commitment, “until death do us part,” following the applicable, tragic ends of the show.

Although the two dancers might have died on stage, they began the rest of their lives together to uproarious applause wishing them the best.

We too wish for prosperity and love in their upcoming marriage. However, their professional journey continues as well, as the two will be starring opposite each other in “The Nutcracker” in March.

It is easy to assume that the marriage will last longer than Romeo and Juliet’s. Nonetheless, it might be in their best interest to stay away from any apothecaries for the next few weeks.

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