Funeral Home Throws Pizza Party in Bizarre Marketing Move


Have you ever considered what is going to happen with your body when you die? Have you ever thought about what your funeral will be like?

If these sort of questions make you uncomfortable, you are certainly not alone. However, there will likely come a time where you must give answers to these questions, or push the burden off on your family.

The gravity of these decisions make them very difficult. However, a funeral home in Wisconsin is trying to make these sorts of questions more comfortable to address.

But simply getting these difficult topics “out of the way” is not the only reason for pre-planning. Krause Funeral Homes claims that there are many other compelling reasons to do so.

Looking to educate their community on the benefits of pre-planning funerals, Krause sent out post cards inviting people to attend an informational seminar with a twist.

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Instead of simply presenting over a boring slideshow and pamphlets, the funeral home offered free pizza to anyone in attendance.

Intrigued by the idea, a local couple decided to attend a seminar in February of 2017. Dan and Janice Cassle have since both made arrangements for their funerals.

Janice Cassle was unsure of the event before attending, saying, “I never liked death. I was always afraid of it.” However, as she became more comfortable with the topic through the casual environment, she was quickly sold on the idea of pre-planning.

Do you think a pizza party is a bizarre way to market pre-planning funerals?

“If we live for another 20 years and the price doubles, we are locked in at this price right now,” Janice Cassle said.

The two are treating the pre-planning as an investment of sorts. With the ridiculous costs of funerals today ($6,000-$12,000!) projected to become even larger in the coming years, buying today could avoid a heavy economic burden for the future.

Krause explains that “[if] you buy your funeral today, [they] guarantee you will get your service and merchandise without any added expenses in the future.”

As prices steadily increase, a pre-planner stands to save a lot of money for their family.

Pre-planning seems to offer an additional safety net when used with the benefits of life insurance. Now, instead of using the majority of life insurance to cover funeral costs, the money can be used for more practical purposes.

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Krause explains, “the funeral funds are put into a trust.” If the individual relocates, he claims there is no issue, “[because] they are in the name of the person who takes them out [the money] goes with them.”

So, even if a person moves, the funeral expenses can be used at any funeral home. However, as most locals will likely remain in residence until they die, the original home still stands most likely to benefit.

This really seems like a great deal, although we must warn you to do your own research before making any large financial decisions. That being said, the Cassle family seems to be happy with their decision, and certainly more comfortable with the topic.

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