Man Peeks into Trash Dumpster, Sees 2 Pups Looking Up at Him


Taking out the trash is a time-honored chore that is often attended with groans and rolling eyes. It’s the task most often given to people standing around or otherwise not helping.

Everyone from child to spouse can handle it. It’s simple enough, but in an irritatingly mundane sort of way.

So one man in San Diego was probably resigned to the dreary task, and it’s a miracle he even noticed something that was hiding in the dumpster.

Two little, helpless, jet-black puppies. Too small to be separated from their mother: too small to survive on their own.

The man found them tucked into a chip box, discarded like garbage. It’s not only sad, it’s strange.

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These two little puppies, which veterinarians are guessing to be King Charles spaniels, are adorable. They’re pretty and potentially purebred, so why in the world would someone chuck them out?

Even a heartless person would have to recognize those pups could be worth a pretty penny — so it’s a good thing that someone found them and got them into the hands of someone who would see them as more than their cash value.

Because the two pups were found in a chip box, they’ve been dubbed Cheeto and Frida (a feminine form of Frito). The brother and sister were estimated to be a mere 12 days old on the day of their rescue.

Viewers have been outraged by this story. Who in their right mind could do such a thing to such harmless, lovable creatures?

County Animal Services Director, Dan DeSousa, was stunned as well. He’s no doubt seen a lot, but this case, with such young puppies, was striking.

“For someone to just throw away these two defenseless pups in such a callous manner and an almost certain death is unconscionable,” DeSousa said.

“Someone needs to come forward with information so we can hold whoever did this cruel act accountable.”

Authorities are calling for information regarding the abandonment of these puppies. If anyone has seen anything they believe would be useful to tracking down the criminal, they are urged to call (619) 767-2740.

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“This is the most innocent little creature in the world. And to be thrown away like a piece of trash…” DeSousa said, echoing all our sentiments, while a puppy contentedly sucked on his hand.

Conviction of such a crime carries a pretty substantial punishment. The person responsible in this situation could be labeled a felon, facing a $20,000 penalty, years of jail time, or both.

But the puppies don’t know any of that. Their first 12 days of life may have been pretty rough, but they can look forward to a lifetime of love and care that will wash away those early memories.

No doubt potential adopters will be clamoring to take in these adorable balls of fluff, but their caretakers will get first dibs (and how would you say no to those faces?). Either way, in three months they will be available for adoption, and are almost guaranteed a comfortable existence after their rough start.

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