Man Sees Neighbor's Yard Up in Flames, Jump Fence and Attacks Fire with a Shovel


Many have been called, but only a few are chosen. Ryan Burke of Yukon, Oklahoma, was definitely one of those people who answered the call when he saw a neighbor’s home in trouble.

He explained to KOCO-TV that he and his wife were leaving the neighborhood when they noticed something strange.

As they passed by one of the houses, black smoke was rising from the grass.

Upon closer inspection, Burke realized that the neighbor’s yard was actually in flames. In a hurry, he decided to take action.

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“I jumped the fence and the hose didn’t work. Water never came on,” he said.

Burke made a second attempt with another water hose. To his discovery, it had caught on fire and wasn’t working either.

Looking around the area, he tried to find another way to put out the flames.

Burke came up with the only solution he knew would at least help to keep the fire at bay.

“Ended up grabbing a shovel and just went to town putting the fire out,” he said. “The quicker you work, the quicker it gets out.”

Determined to keep the fire from spreading to the home, Burke shoveled away. Fortunately, help was around the corner.

“I could hear the fire truck in the background. So I knew they were on their way,” he said.

Once firefighters arrived, they were able to subdue the growing fire.

A video by KOCO-TV revealed some of the damages the fire caused to the lawn and a brick wall, but good thing nobody lost their lives during the incident.

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Burke’s quick-thinking was a good start to saving the resident’s home. There’s no telling how much worse things could have been if he wasn’t there.

Most people would say that he was a true hero that day, but Burke believes differently.

According to him, he was just doing what any good neighbor would do and that was helping out a fellow neighbor when they needed it the most.

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