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Man Stops Traffic To Help Sloth Cross Road, Watch Moment It Realizes He's There To Help


Why did the sloth cross the road? Probably to get somewhere a little more slow-moving!

Sloths are notorious for being slow creatures. Usually, the tranquil mammals can be spotted sticking to the safety of trees, munching on leaves. Unsurprisingly, the sloth has become a symbol for relaxation.

In general, sloths seem fairly carefree. However, that’s not to say they never face challenges of their own. When sloths find themselves away from the safety of home, their leisurely pace can get them stuck in some sticky situations.

In Costa Rica, it isn’t unusual to see sloths out in the wild. In high-traffic areas and roadways, sloths that attempt to cross the road can be in serious danger.

Due to their inability to rush, their survival is often up to the vigilance of drivers or the kindness of strangers.

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When one man noticed a sloth struggling to cross the road, he didn’t hesitate to help it out. The extent of his compassion is captured in a heartwarming video.

The sloth was trying to move itself along the pavement when the good Samaritan approached. It seems that the sloth had no objections to the rescue, allowing the man to lift it out of the roadway and carry it to the other side.

Having successfully crossed the dangerous road, the man didn’t merely set the sloth in the grass. Instead, he took extra care to escort his new friend to a tree.

Right at home, the sloth immediately clung to its trunk. The man waved goodbye to his furry friend.

Before the man could retreat to his car, the sloth thanked its compassionate rescuer in the most unbelievable way.

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In the sloth’s typical slow and deliberate manner, the mammal turned to look straight at the camera. In response to the man’s farewell wave, the sloth lifted its own arm, as though to return the gesture.

As though that weren’t enough of a surprise, the sloth’s mouth stretched into a lazy smile. With closed eyes, the expression resembled one of acknowledgement and gratitude.

The sloth’s human-like reply to the man’s kindness has garnered an incredible response on social media. The video has several million views on Twitter and thousands of shares on Facebook.

We’re certain this bright smile is one this rescuer will never forget!

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