Man's Truck Blown Up Less Than 1 Week After Putting on Trump Bumper Stickers


“Love Trumps Hate,” liberals across the country have chanted as their new “tolerant” slogan.

A string of disturbing incidents lately, however, suggests that the left should update the chant for 2018 to “Hate Anyone Pro-Trump.”

One man in Washington state is convinced that far-left hatred of the president just cost him an expensive vehicle. According to KOIN News, Johnny MacKay left his 4×4 Titan pickup truck overnight in a parking lot after he took an Uber home from a bar.

When he came back in the morning to pick it up, however, he found something shocking.

“All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock,” MacKay told the Washington news outlet.

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It wasn’t an ordinary break-in. The truck had been torched with fire, and the owner believes he knows why.

A message to President Donald Trump was spray painted in silver on the side of the vehicle, signaling a perhaps-targeted attack.

The owner believes that the newly-added Trump stickers and the truck being destroyed by arson just days later isn’t a coincidence.

Do you think this man's truck was targeted because he had Trump bumper stickers?

“I literally just put them on this weekend,” MacKay said.

It’s worth pointing out that some previous incidents of politically-motivated vandalism have proved to be exaggerated or different from how they appeared. However, photos and videos of the Washington incident plus eye-witness accounts appear to back up MacKay’s claim.

“All of a sudden I hear a loud bomb and the windows shake,” explained area resident Randy Sanchagrin. When he looked out his window, he saw MacKay’s truck in flames. The truck was so engulfed that he had his sister call emergency services while he tried to figure out if anybody was trapped inside.

Dramatic video of the flaming truck was also posted on social media.

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“If you say anything that someone doesn’t like you are ultimately a target,” lamented MacKay. “You’re automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you.”

Making people the enemy and trying to hurt them is an apt summary of what has been happening in other parts of the country recently, and it’s a disturbing trend.

The wife of Republican Sen. Mike Lee now needs a police escort just to go to the park near her house, all because radical liberals “doxed” their personal information and threatened them over politics.

Another conservative senator, Ted Cruz of Texas, was recently forced to leave a restaurant after he and his wife were mobbed and harassed.

A liberal teacher in Minnesota openly called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be murdered after he was confirmed.

An elderly man and a conservative woman were assaulted in separate incidents, both by unhinged liberal protesters. On and on the list goes.

In America, there is plenty of room for people with different political opinions to disagree, but this is not how to do it.

Liberal Democrats need to make a choice: denounce hatred and walk away from these increasingly despicable actions, or be complacent in the problem. When it comes to assault and arson, there is no middle ground.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.